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Declutter your life: A Junk Removal How To

  It happens quite often that we sometimes find ourselves dealing with messes that we’ve made that follow us around like a shadow; clutter in our homes. It comes to a point where we huff and puff and instead of blowing the house down, we just close the door and walk away. It seems to be the simplest way to dealing with a problem until we realize “Okay, I need to do this.” So let’s get down to business shall we? The major problem with removing junk and decluttering is becoming overwhelmed when in the midst of a project. Here…

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Preparing Your Trash for the Winter

With the past few months Torontonians have been experiencing being made up of extremely low temperatures thanks to the wind chill, the only thing we want to do is place our face, hands, toes… you name it in front of the heater and not move. Of course, we realize there is work to be done and not to forget, junk to rid of! Redbins Disposal is frequently asked the same questions: “How do you deliver your bins and take away our garbage?” “What is the process of ordering?” etc. But, in the winter it’s more: “How can I throw away…

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