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5 Reasons To Rent A Disposal Bin This Summer

Renting A Disposal Bin This Summer

Spring and summer cleaning is something people avoid, but this summer you could create a whole new feel to your home. By renting a disposal bin, you can do all of the little jobs at once. You can also create something you never thought possible. But these aren’t the only reasons you should rent a disposal bin this summer. Here are 5 other reasons to rent a disposal bin: Redo the backyard – Having a disposal bin will help start the process of renewing your back and front yards. You can get rid of that ugly bush that attacks you…

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How Do I Keep The Rain Out Of The Bin?

Keeping Rain Out Of Your Bin

Unfortunately, we can’t control the weather and sometimes rain or snow will fall at the most inconvenient times. It’s important to avoid letting your bin fill with precipitation because when the bin rental company returns to haul away the bin, and your trash along with it, you will be charged by the weight of the bin. Rainwater and snow can add a considerable amount of weight to the bin, so it’s best to keep it out. Also, any absorbent material in the bin, like old wood, drywall, and papers, will get damp, expand and get weighed down by the water…

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