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Home Waste-Management Tips

Home Waste Management Tips

The cost of living these days seems to come with a lot of added waste. According to this statistic from Natural Resources Canada, the average North American will throw away 600 times their adult weight in garbage in their lifetime! Our natural resources and environment are precious, and we only have so much room for that excess waste. The good news is there’s a lot you can do as an individual or family to reduce and manage your waste, therefore reducing your environmental footprint and positively impacting the environment. Here are some home waste-management tips to help you make a…

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Why Rental Bins Are Handy During A Renovation

Rental Bins Handy During A Reno

During a home renovation, you will find that a bin rental is an absolute necessity! When it comes to disposing of renovation waste—such as bricks, stone, drywall, and insulation—a bin rental is the way to go. At Red Bins, we make it easy by dropping off the bin at the time you choose, and promptly picking it up and hauling it away once you no longer need it. So why are rental bins a good idea during a renovation? It’s better than renting a truck: Some people choose to rent a truck to transport renovation waste to a landfill. Renting…

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