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Tips For Repurposing Old Furniture

Repurposing Old Furniture

With today’s high prices for new furniture, people are turning to making their old pieces new again. But this trend is not just about money. Repurposing old furniture is often a hobby for many. It takes creativity, out-of-the-box thinking, and some sense of design. And frankly, breathing new life into your old pieces of furniture is probably not as important as that sense of accomplishment and pride you feel when the project is fait accompli. Almost any item can be repurposed. But, there are some pieces that are more versatile than others. Here are just a few: Old Doors One…

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How To Responsibly Dispose Of Renovation Materials

Getting Rid Of Renovation Debris

Finally! It’s done! The renovation you dreamed and talked about for the longest time is finished. It wasn’t a piece of cake either, right? It probably seems like it took forever. Still, all the unpleasant surprises along the way, budget overruns, chaos, dust, and hundreds of tough decision-making moments, were worth it. Look at the place! It looks great! The problem now is outside of the renovated space. All that debris! From big and small bits of construction materials, piping and wires to old appliances, cabinets and sinks — it all now probably sits in your backyard, waiting to be…

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