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Tips To Maximize Your Disposal Bin Load

Disposal Bin Loading

Doing a renovation or a detailed cleaning and decluttering of your house is bound to leave you with piles of unsightly trash. Post-renovation, your yard can look like a hurricane went through it with leftover construction materials and stuff you took out of the walls and floors of your house, all strewn all over the place. The junk produced by a major declutter of a house may be not as gritty and grimy, but it’s just as unsightly and weighty. And given that a major overhaul of the basement and the attic can bring out a plethora of old furniture…

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Why Should You Clean And Declutter Your Attic?

Attic Decluttering

Cleaning the attic is most likely the last thing on your list of things to do. We usually don’t even think about that space, much less the state it is in. That is, at least until we have to find something we need that’s stored up there! That’s when the messy reality hits us like a cold shower! Getting rid of any clutter is strenuous, but the attic is particularly draining and back-breaking. The stuff to be sorted is often connected with our past—for better or for worse—and the trek up and down the stairs, compounded by the airless and…

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