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Moving To A New Home? Tips For Cleaning Up After The Seller

Cleaning A Newly Bought Home

Like it or not, there is no legal requirement for sellers to leave their homes completely empty and clean for the buyers taking possession. If as a buyer you didn’t include this condition in your purchase agreement, you may be faced with not only dirt and grime to get rid of on your move-in day, but also with some old pieces of furniture and other personal belongings left behind by the buyer. If that’s the case, it’s best to hire a disposal service to remove all that off-putting trash. If you are taking possession of a home that was left…

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Tips For Cleaning Up After A Large Event

Large Event Clean-Up

Organizing a large social event is already such a complicated task, you don’t even want to think about cleaning after it beforehand! But think you should. Because if you plan it right from the start, cleaning up after a large event can done in a flash. It’s all about relying on the convenience of disposable partyware and supplies and renting a mini bin from your local dumpster company to take all that post-party jetsam and flotsam away. No Shame in Using Plastic Plates and Cups! If you were having a dinner party, then, yes, plasticware is a definite no-no. But…

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