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5 Items That Won’t Fit In A Dumpster Bin

Products That Won’t Fit In Dumpsters

While a dumpster bin is ideal for the removal of most belongings from the home, there are some items that are too large to fit inside the bin. Oftentimes, you don’t realize the problem until you try to place the item inside. So, in this latest post, to help prevent you from having problems removing large items from your home, our junk removal team is highlighting five products that won’t fit within dumpsters. Children’s Play Sets You’ve decided to move and you’re looking for a way to get rid of those old play sets before you begin. Try to determine…

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How to Dispose of Light Bulbs

Light Bulb Disposal Tips

Your home light bulbs are often made from materials that, if not disposed of properly, could cause significant damage to the local environment. It’s important that you have a clear understanding on effective light bulb disposal and choose disposal options that safeguard the environment. Our junk bin rental team has many years of experience in the disposal market, and, in this latest post, we’re highlighting several light bulb disposal tips. The Dangerous Materials in Fluorescent Bulbs Before learning more on how to dispose of light bulbs safely, it’s important to learn why many products cannot be thrown out in your…

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