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Married Life: Tips To Move And Merge Your Belongings

Tips To Move And Merge Your Belongings After Marriage

Your home belongings take a special pride of place within your home, so when your partner moves in with you, it can be difficult to know the best place to keep all of their items. Merging your belongings is an important element of the moving in process, so to guide you through this stage of your relationship, we’re providing our guide to merging your belongings into a single space. Collect and Decide on Removal Together Inevitably, there will be items that have to be removed from the family property as the two of you move in together. In the initial…

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Souvenirs You Should And Shouldn’t Save From Childhood

Choosing Souvenirs to Save from Childhood

Choosing those personal belongings from childhood that will have a permanent place within your home is an important consideration. Whether you’re a parent deciding which of your kids’ past belongings to keep, or choosing which of your own childhood items to keep as memories, the process is quite similar. To help guide you as you take on this challenge, we’re discussing how to choose which childhood souvenirs to keep and which to remove from your home. Photos Can Be Digitized and Scrapped One of the main items that pile up in homes across the country is old photos. Many homeowners…

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