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Should You Donate Or Junk Your Car?

It’s time for you to dispose of your old car and buy a new one to increase your comfort on the road. But to get rid of that older vehicle, you have the choice to either donate it to charity or to send it to a junkyard for the scrap price. What considerations do you make during this process, and how can you make the right decision for the long-term? In this latest post our junk removal team will answer these questions, as we consider whether you should donate or junk your old vehicle. Donation Brings Tax Benefits Should you…

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Your Guide To These 3 Waste Symbols

Through the process of learning about our environment, you can discover the symbols that professionals use to identify dangerous waste products. It’s an important part of keeping your home safe and protecting your loved ones. These symbols act as a way to identify potential dangers, and to ensure hazardous products are separated on the basis of their unique care requirements. In this latest post, we’ll provide a guide to three of the most common dangerous waste symbols. This symbol indicates that the product is potentially corrosive. It’s a symbol that is used for a broad range of cleaning agents, including…

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