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Ways to Reduce Waste at Home Even if You are Exhausted

Ways To Reduce Waste At Home Even If You Are Exhausted

Home waste is unsightly, unsanitary, and all around unpleasant. Finding appropriate solutions to get waste out of your home can be difficult as well, as many containers are too small to accommodate the waste a large family can generate. Follow these tips if you want to reduce the amount of waste your home generates. Start With a Clean Slate It will be much easier to find ways to reduce waste if you start with a clean slate. Take a look around and decide if there’s anything you can eliminate in your home. Common culprits of clutter are dishes, DVDs and…

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Alternative to Plastic Garbage Bags

Alternative To Plastic Garbage Bags

Plastic bags aren’t the most environmentally friendly option to hold your garbage. When you throw out your trash, that plastic sits in the landfill instead of being recycled. But what can you use to line your trash can? Most mass-market trash bags are made of plastic, and so are the shopping bags you might use in small trash cans. What other options do you have? A growing number of retailers are phasing plastic bags out of their business entirely. In some places, getting a plastic bag means having to pay an additional ten cents. Other businesses simply don’t keep plastic…

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