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What Happens to Recyclable Garbage Put in the Wrong Bin

recyclable garbages in the wrong bin

According to the Toronto Star, “Ontario has a waste problem; every year, Ontario produces nearly one tonne of waste per person and three-quarters of [this waste] ends up in landfills.” Although switching to environmentally conscious methods of waste reduction (like composting or recycling) is encouraged, a vast amount of recycled waste still ends up in landfills. The reason for this is that people are recycling wrong with contaminated and non-recyclable objects ending up in the wrong bin. By brushing up on your recycling practices and by learning what happens to recyclable garbage put in the wrong bin, you can begin…

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15 Good Reasons to Go Green

Best reasons for starting go green initiative

Among other factors, climate change is a problem that has people everywhere talking about the importance of “going green.” While some of the most commonly cited reasons people are pushing for lifestyle changes include saving the oceans or reducing the amount of garbage in landfills, many more tangible reasons for going green can significantly improve your day-to-day life. Taking a moment out of your day to understand these reasons will surely inspire you to contribute toward making the world a cleaner place. Below are fifteen reasons why you should go green today. 1. Increase the value of your home “Going…

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