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Tips To Maximize Your Disposal Bin Load

Doing a renovation or a detailed cleaning and decluttering of your house is bound to leave you with piles of unsightly trash. Post-renovation, your yard can look like a hurricane went through it with leftover construction materials and stuff you took out of the walls and floors of your house, all strewn all over the place.

Disposal Bin Loading

The junk produced by a major declutter of a house may be not as gritty and grimy, but it’s just as unsightly and weighty. And given that a major overhaul of the basement and the attic can bring out a plethora of old furniture pieces and various fixtures you kept for decades for that day when you would have time to fix them, a trash pile from this domestic mission can get very bulky and unwieldy.

Don’t do it yourself!

Don’t even try to remove all that junk without renting a disposal bin! After the nightmare of the renovation or that top-to-bottom house clearing, the last thing you want to do is to make umpteen hauling trips in your van to a distant disposal depot! This will take a toll on you and your back, not to mention the mess and damage it will create in your vehicle.

Do the clean up the smart way: rent a disposal bin from your local junk removal company. Rates are very affordable, and you can pay either per hour or per week. Here are a few tips for loading the bin up as efficiently as possible.

Pick the right bin size.

Yes, size does matter! Bins come in various dimensions, so if you rent a bin smaller than your needs, you won’t have enough capacity for your junk and you’ll incur extra charges. On the other hand, a bin bigger than what you require is just a waste of your money.

If you’re unsure about what size of bin you will need, it’s best to consult the junk removal company. A rule of thumb, however, is that for a renovation project, a bin with a minimum length of fourteen yards is required. For a general house cleanup, a more compact four yard bin should suffice.

Load up systematically.

The great thing about a rental bin is that you can load up pretty much anything. The few exceptions generally relate to toxic and environmentally hazardous materials, but you will be advised of those restrictions when your bin is dropped off at your property.

To maximize the capacity of your bin, it’s best to deconstruct or break down the more bulky items before they are tossed inside. Furniture like chairs and tables especially can take up a lot of space in a bin if not levelled down. It’s also a good idea to place the heaviest objects on the bottom of the bin, so you won’t have to lift them to deposit them on top of the pile later.

When you load up, distribute the debris evenly throughout the bin. It’s not a good idea to pile things up in one corner, logistically and safety-wise. Make sure that there is no stuff protruding out of the top of the bin or hanging out over its sides.

Make the loading easier for yourself.

Make sure you have an open walking path to the bin. Clear the space by removing any obstacles that can get in the way, so you can safely deliver your cargo to the bin. Also be sure to get family members and friends to help out. Teamwork makes less work, right? It’s especially important to have a helping hand when you have some heavy objects to carry to the bin.

In the end, you will be surprised how capacious these bins really are. Although the general height of a four yard bin is only three-and-a-half feet, it can hold over a ton of material. That’s 2,000 pounds for those who are not metric-minded. This makes the bin ample enough to carry a Volkswagen Beetle, maybe even with one or two passengers!

Why Should You Clean And Declutter Your Attic?

Cleaning the attic is most likely the last thing on your list of things to do. We usually don’t even think about that space, much less the state it is in. That is, at least until we have to find something we need that’s stored up there! That’s when the messy reality hits us like a cold shower!

Attic Decluttering

Getting rid of any clutter is strenuous, but the attic is particularly draining and back-breaking. The stuff to be sorted is often connected with our past—for better or for worse—and the trek up and down the stairs, compounded by the airless and musty climate of the attic, just adds to the drudgery and toil. It certainly takes time and effort, and with our busy lives, it is much easier to just close the door, and resume our lives downstairs. Out of sight, out of mind. For many reasons, however, clearing and cleaning the attic—at least every two years—is very important.

It Can Save You Money.

Sorting through all the stuff in the attic gives you a chance to see what you have, so you don’t waste your money on buying things you already have. Does the phrase, “Oh, I didn’t even know we had a Christmas wreath like this,” sound familiar?

It Will Save You Time and Energy in the Long Run.

Organizing the attic paraphernalia into categories and placing them in labeled bins will save you much time and energy at those times when you need to find something you stored in the attic a while ago. Those clearly marked bins will make a potential two-hour rummage through the clutter, just a five-minute task!

It May Be a Necessary Emotional Journey.

Taking stock of all the objects from the past you’ve stored for ages in the attic, and tossing those that should have been tossed a long time ago, can be a cathartic experience. Your ex’s old skis could make a fabulous bonfire, for instance! On the other hand, sorting through your memorabilia can remind you of the many terrific experiences you’ve had in your life, and make you feel great!

It Will Save Those Truly Invaluable Items.

Attics are notorious for extreme heat. These conditions are not ideal for storing cherished photographs, collectibles or scrapbooks. An attic decluttering mission will give you an opportunity to identify these valuable possessions, and find a cooler place in your house to store them.

Attics can also be leaky. With even just a bit of water over time, mold and mildew can take possession of the place, and not only damage all your stored possessions, but spread all over the house. A good cleaning and decluttering every few months or so will prevent this from happening. Attics also attract bugs and chewing critters like mice and squirrels. Given a chance these pests can wreak much damage on all that stuff lying around uncovered and unprotected.

It Will Prevent a Potential Fire.

As any firefighter will tell you, keeping piles of paper and fabric materials in any space presents a fire hazard. Much more so in the attic, where temperatures can get very in the summer, and smoke detectors are seldom present.

It Will Prevent Potential Accidents.

Another danger in in a cluttered space is the risk of tripping and falling when you or a member of your family is up there, looking for something, or just playing hide-and-seek! That’s why it’s important to have a cleared attic space with lots of free space to move around in.

It Will Help You Help Others.

Going through all the things in the attic and sorting them into things you really do want to keep and things you don’t, gives you an opportunity to donate those items that you don’t need but still have some life in them to those who may need them.

It May Save Your Sanity.

Clearing out the attic regularly means it will be ready to go at a moment’s notice if and when your family decides to move. At least this space will not be the cause of your nervous breakdown during a relocation!

Admittedly, many of the items you’ll find your attic are just junk, stuff that you know you or anybody else would never use, including all kinds of broken furniture for which that day of fixing will never come, stuff with missing parts, and old papers and materials. The best way to deal with that irredeemable mess left after your attic decluttering is to call your local junk removal company. They’ll send a team that will trudge up to the attic, quickly remove all the garbage, and dispose of it in a responsible and environmentally friendly way.

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