15 Good Reasons to Go Green

Posted by on September 17, 2018
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Among other factors, climate change is a problem that has people everywhere talking about the importance of “going green.” While some of the most commonly cited reasons people are pushing for lifestyle changes include saving the oceans or reducing the amount of garbage in landfills, many more tangible reasons for going green can significantly improve your day-to-day life.

Taking a moment out of your day to understand these reasons will surely inspire you to contribute toward making the world a cleaner place. Below are fifteen reasons why you should go green today.

1. Increase the value of your home

“Going green” could significantly increase the value of your home. An article from Green Home Builder states that “in the last couple of years going ‘green’ has become the growing trend in the real estate industry and will only increase in the years to come.” The reason for this shift is that environmentally-friendly homes are in increasing demand and receive premium prices on the market. Therefore, updating to energy saving appliances or water-saving toilets and showers will not only save you money, but add equity to your home if you ever sell.

2. Energy costs savings

Updating your home will also significantly decrease monthly utility bills. If you live in Ontario, or many other provinces in Canada, another perk you can benefit from is that the government offers rebates for those who decide to make significant environmentally friendly renovations to their homes. According to an article from CBC, “the province will offer thousands of dollars in rebates for homeowners who opt for energy-efficient renovations, including windows and insulation.”

3. Durability

Eco-friendly materials are known for their durability over newly souped materials. Because recycled products last longer than traditional materials, when you go green, you can look forward to saving money while maintaining your home.

4. Improve your health

Going green is not only good for the planet, but it can also significantly impact your personal health in a positive way. When you choose to live sustainable you will, by default, eat healthy, local food, ride your bike or walk more places, and remove yourself from a consumer to a more holistic lifestyle.

5. For your kid’s future

When you care for the environment, you are, in turn, caring for your children and loved ones by giving them the chance at a cleaner and more sustainable future.

6. Recycling helps you to be more creative

Not only do you save energy and money when you go green, but you have the opportunity to get creative making useful items out of recycled materials. Have fun repurposing broken items into garden ordainments. Make a wind-chime or mosaic out of old bottles, broken plates, and other odds and ends.

7. Breathe healthy oxygen

When you go green you will discover that there are many ways to reduce emissions and help prevent air pollution. Using alternative energy sources (like riding your bike or using public transit) produce little to no emissions and therefore improve health and have less environmental impact.

8. Become self-sufficient

Going green makes you less reliant on consumer products. You will become more self-sufficient and find that you start to invent ways to make your life more sustainable.

9. Eat green

Eating green means eating local, eating organic, and purchasing seasonal products. When you buy and eat organic food and dairy products, you not only boost your local economy, but you reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

10. Reduce carbon emissions

When you choose a green mode of transportation, either by carpooling or public transit, you decrease your carbon footprint. Using less number of vehicles on roads means less pollution in air and less money spent on gasoline and car maintenance.

11. End deforestation and habitat loss

Going green makes you less selfish and more focused on replanting forests, protecting endangered animals, and putting an end to industrial agriculture.

12. Green products are less toxic

Most green products focus on including natural ingredients. When you choose to use traditional products, think of all those chemicals that enter your body

13. Increase in business if product is eco-friendly

If you are a business owner, going green can help you to attract more customers. Like you, there are many people who are looking to change their lives. If you decide to provide eco-friendly products and services for your customers, business will boom.

14. Going green will make you an ambassador for change

By going green, you have the opportunity to inspire others toward change. Lead by example in whatever environment you live and work. Your actions will speak for themselves as you pass on environmentally positive habits to everyone you meet.

15. Feel happy

There is a lot of evidence that suggests that living a more altruistic lifestyle is linked to happiness. Choosing to live sustainably makes you more connected with your environment. A statistic from a study done by The Centre for New American Dream says “90% of people who said they had downshifted their lives were happy with their decision.”

Going green can make a significant difference in your life. The best thing you can do is start with one simple thing you would like to change, and watch your passion for change grow.

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