3 Tips For Buying A Fixer Upper Home

Posted by on July 3, 2017
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One of the reasons homeowners across the country lose money when buying fixer upper homes is they don’t have a full understanding of the work required to upgrade their new property. They might have been misled by the seller, or they might simply have not completed their research. In this latest post, our junk bin rental experts discuss three tips for buying a fixer upper home.

  1. Make a Junk Bin Rental Your First Step

    The rental of a junk bin can provide you with space in which to place junk and other elements of the home you won’t keep. For example, you can remove leftover wood and metal shelving and place it within the junk bin, to ensure it’s out of the way ready and won’t interfere with future building work. The process of removing junk from the property can help provide you with a clean canvas on which to craft your new, ideal home. You’ll then be able to clearly see which parts of the home need the most work, and gain a full understanding of the work ahead of you.

  2. Create a Building Schedule

    Oftentimes buyers don’t have the flexibility within their budget to build all areas of the home at the same time, so it’s important that you create a building schedule that allows you to focus on the separate areas of the property. The first step is to determine which areas of the home will be used the most. These should be the focus areas at the beginning of the project. Usually, this means you’ll focus on updating the living room and kitchen, and then take on the renovation of the rest of the home at a later date.

  3. Get Help from Friends and Family

    While the large jobs within the renovation work should be assigned to professionals with years of experience, you might choose to work with friends and family to complete small elements of the renovation work. For example, try to get loved ones to help with painting the home and with the decorating process. You can complete the entire project at a more affordable rate by getting assistance from those around you.

By reviewing the tips in this post, you now have the ideal foundation for renovating your new fixer upper property. To discover more about this process, or to review your junk bin rental options, speak with our trusted team today!

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