3 Waste Management Solutions For Outdoor Events

Posted by on January 8, 2018
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Waste management should be a leading consideration when hosting outdoor events. With all of your attendees, it is likely that some will spill trash on the ground during the event. Having the right waste management solution in place for your event can ensure you fulfill your obligations to the venue owner and achieve the ideal event setting. In this latest post we’ll present three tips for waste management at outdoor events.

  1. Check Your Waste Hauler for Contamination Policies

    It’s important to work with your junk removal specialist when considering how to manage the waste from outdoor events. Oftentimes removal teams will have contamination policies that dictate the allowable amount of contamination before they simply won’t remove the waste. For example, during an outdoor event some attendees are likely to place non-recyclable items in recycling containers. This is to be expected at events with hundreds of people or more in attendance. Make sure that you work with the waste hauler to set the contamination levels.

  2. Set Limits on Items Entering the Venue

    Any organization hosting an outdoor event in Ontario is committing to upholding the local and provincial laws. It’s important that you set the limits on what items are allowed into the venue in order to protect all attendees and ensure that all laws are followed. For example, you should check for alcohol at the entrance to your outdoor events. You might also prevent people from bringing in plastic bottles, which can be an environmental hazard and may make the cleanup process more complex.

  3. Implement a Sorting Station

    One of the most effective ways to minimize waste management challenges at an outdoor event is to implement a sorting station on site. The sorting station should be a location where a group of volunteers separates waste by type and then places it in the requisite bins to begin the junk removal process. For smaller events this level of sorting may not be required. Also remember to add receptacles across the venue for easy access. Receptacles should be placed at meeting points, entrances and exits.

To discover more tips for ensuring the ideal waste management strategy for your outdoor event, speak with our trusted dumpster rental experts directly! We can help you make the right choices to ensure all guests enjoy a memorable event experience.

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