3 Ways To Get Rid Of Organic Waste

Posted by on August 22, 2016
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Organic waste is biodegradable, but you shouldn’t throw it out directly in your trash. When organic waste is taken to a landfill and buried with the rest of our refuse, it rots and creates methane gas. Methane gas is bad for the environment and can cause explosions. Instead of throwing out your organic waste, try these three budget-friendly ways to get rid of it safely.

  1. Compost: Most cities supply their residents with compost bins and arrange for pick up once or twice per week. Composting is a great way to get rid of organic waste, because it can handle anything from potato peelings to tea bags. Any food left on your plates after a meal can go straight into the compost bin. Composting is good for the environment and it also recycles your food waste. If you’re worried about odours, bleach the inside of your bin at least twice a month and clean it out with soap and water after each time you empty it. If your compost is attracting fruit flies then leave a cup of red wine or red wine vinegar beside the bin. Cover the cup with plastic wrap and poke two to four tiny holes in the covering. The fruit flies will be able to get in but they won’t get out. Plus, they’ll stay away from your compost—and, more importantly, you.
  2. Garden: If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, then you can use organic waste to make your soil richer. Organic waste provides the soil with nutrients and helps preserve moisture so that water is better retained. It also improves drainage and helps plants grow. You can’t just spread carrot peelings all over your garden but you can plant them into the soil. The best way to determine how to incorporate organic waste into your garden is to go to a home and garden store. They’ll be able to show you how and where to put those odds and ends.
  3. Worm bin: Especially if you have kids, a worm bin is a great way to rid your home of organic waste. Basically, you will be creating a worm farm and the creepy crawlers will eat the waste. All you need is a bin to keep your wigglers and some dirt. A pet store or home and garden store will have worms and housing for them. The great thing about worms is that they produce castings after they eat your organic waste and these castings are absorbed by plants. Castings can also be used to help enrich your soil.

Getting rid of organic waste properly reduces the amount of refuse in landfills and assists with the atmosphere’s absorption of carbon. By disposing of your organic waste safety, you’re doing your part to keep our world green—and you might even get some new creepy crawly pets for the kids.

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