4 Items That Should Always Be Removed Professionally

Posted by on October 11, 2017
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There are items, such as shelving and books, that can be removed from the home without the need for professional help, but there are some belongings that require a professional touch. To help guide you as you take on cleaning work over the coming months, we’re taking a look at four items that should always be removed by disposal service professionals.

  1. Vehicle Fluid

    While you might feel comfortable moving the containers of vehicle liquid from the home, these items are often considered hazardous waste. Products such as motor oil and power steering fluid can be a dangerous environmental contaminant. They contain toxic chemicals that, if released, could harm the local area, and may be dangerous to both animals and plant life. Work with professionals to complete the removal process effectively.

  2. Construction Waste

    That leftover wood and metal from a past construction project might be left in your basement space gathering dust, but it should be removed, to bring a greater level of safety to your home. Construction waste such as wood pieces can feature jagged edges that make them dangerous to carry. They can also be exceptionally heavy, leading to long-term back, neck, and shoulder injuries. Call a professional junk removal specialist to handle the work.

  3. Large Machinery

    Machinery such as old lawnmowers and snowblowers should be removed by professional teams with junk removal experience. One important consideration is that the components within these items can become dangerous over time, and elements such as blades and leftover oil can cause damage to the local environment and the person trying to remove the object. Make sure you work with professionals to handle all challenging removal jobs.

  4. Painting Materials

    Paints and materials used in conjunction with paints, such as paint thinners, are considered to be hazardous materials. If they’re placed into a container that then leaks, they can cause damage to the surrounding environment and potentially cause health issues for those in the immediate vicinity. To remove all painting materials effectively from the home, and ensure that no residue is left behind, you should work with a disposal service specialist.

By working with your local disposal services company, you can ensure that heavy and toxic elements are safely removed from your home. Our team is here to guide you during this process! To discover more about your full range of junk removal options, call us today!

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