4 Reasons Why Dumpster Bags Are Ineffective

Posted by on May 11, 2017
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If you pride yourself on being a do-it-yourselfer, you may have been tempted to forgo a dumpster rental and buy a dumpster bag for your next home improvement project—probably another DIY job to save some cash. But wait. While your construction skills will carry off that home improvement job without a major hitch, you may end up encountering one if you choose to collect and remove all the debris in a dumpster bag.

Although promoted as being more convenient and more affordable than a dumpster rental, when you add everything up, it’s neither. And here’s 4 reasons why.

  1. The cost of the dumpster bag is not as low as you’d think.

    While the cost of the dumpster bag is reasonable (around $40), you still have to hire a pick-up service to dispose of it.

    Depending on how heavy the bag is and what kind of debris it’s hauling, the pick-up service cost can run you into a couple of hundred bucks on top of the money you spent on purchasing the bag. It is very likely that a dumpster rental rate will be a least equivalent or lower.

  2. The capacity of the dumpster bag is limited.

    A dumpster bag may not be able to contain all the debris from your construction project or even a big clean-out. They are not made to withstand a major load. And if they are loaded up too heavy, the collection company may refuse to pick it up and you will have pay extra charges.

    What it also means is that you have to be careful about what and how much you toss into your dumpster bag. With a dumpster rental, you order the size that the company representative will estimate for your needs, and it will fit your requirements without any worries.

  3. The sturdiness of the dumpster bag is unreliable.

    Dumpster bags will not accommodate very heavy materials, like asphalt, concrete or bricks. They are made from a woven material, and although sturdy as far as fabrics go, they don’t compare to the strength and durability of rental dumpsters. The steel walls of rental dumpsters will accommodate most construction materials.

  4. Overflowing dumpster bags are a dangerous eyesore at the curb.

    Dumpster bags left at the front of your property, waiting to be collected, are placed right on the ground, opened up, with debris sticking out.

    In addition to being an eyesore for you and your neighbours, sharp scraps of all kinds of construction materials presents a hazard to passersby—especially kids playing on the street. With a dumpster rental, your debris is contained and elevated, and picked up by the rental company at the agreed time.

As a do-it-yourselfer, you’ve learned over the years to do things in the most practical, time- and money-saving ways. Well, considering all the effectiveness and safety a dumpster rental offers over the dumpster bag method, the net-net of the comparison between the two definitely favours the dumpster rental as the better deal overall.

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