4 Tips For Cleaning Up After A Basement Flood

Posted by on January 15, 2018
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It can happen over a short space of time. You wake up one morning and your entire basement has been flooded. Whether the flood is the result of a leaking pipe or a broken toilet, it’s important you begin the cleanup process as soon as possible. In this latest post, we’ll help guide you through the cleanup process and present four tips for cleaning after a basement flood.

Call Your Insurance Company First

Before you begin any of the cleaning work, make sure you call your insurance company to determine the value of any assets in your basement and the extent of coverage within your policy. Once you have determined if you can move any belongings without having to consult with your insurance company, then you can begin the cleanup process knowing you won’t impact your insurance rates.

Hire a Junk Removal Bin

After assessing the damage and working with your insurance company to consider cleanup costs, make the first part of the process the rental of a junk removal bin. The bin can be placed directly outside your home so that you can quickly remove any items that have been severely flood damaged.

Call a Junk Removal Team

Now that you can safely begin the removal process, call your local junk removal team to ask them which items they can take in their water-soaked condition. Also ask them about any precautions you might take working with materials in the basement space. This guidance can be of great importance in safely and effectively removing all belongings ready for the cleanup work.

Check for Electrical Items

Before moving any belongings within the area, check for electrical items that might still be plugged into the outlet. The water intrusion in the space might mean that electrical items now carry a live current, and so it’s important that you don’t touch any electrical items without first checking with your home water removal specialist.

Remember to consult with experts at each step of the cleanup process. A flooded basement space can cause significant structural challenges in and around your home, and specialists can ensure the cleanup work is completed effectively and with all the necessary safety precautions. To discover more about the basement cleanup process, call us today!

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