5 Eco-friendly Methods of Waste Disposal

Posted by on April 23, 2018
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Eco-friendly garbage disposal is an effective way to stay green. Your benevolent contribution to the environment is your responsibility and there is no better way to contribute than to dispose your garbage through means that enable utilization. When you recycle and reuse the waste you produce in your homes, you can avoid buying stuff that we do not necessarily need. This way the demand for commodities can be balanced and the pressure to produce goods at large scales can be lowered. Going through small efforts for important causes can produce a domino effect with positive changes occurring in many aspects.

Given the huge range and variety of items found in household settings, it becomes crucial to effectively dispose them. By adopting these 5 possible eco-friendly methods you can also manage pollution control, conserve natural resources and control spread of diseases:


The practice of preserving the environment has been gaining momentum and as a result, an increasing variety of materials can now be recycled. Even if your local authority hasn’t mandated disposing of garbage separately, you should do your part and throw recyclables in a separate receptacle. There are many products and materials that can be recycled.

  • Wood and Lumber can be re-milled to produce flooring, doors, paneling and windows.
  • Drywall scraps can be utilized for soil fertilization or as a nutrient-rich sustenance for plants.
  • Even metals can be recycled. Copper, aluminium, and steel can be heated to their melting points to form new objects.
  • Concrete and masonry can be used in pavement for roads.
  • Clay bricks have a long lifespan of 200 years and despite being used to their full capacity they can be recycled and used in the construction of bridges and walls.
  • Glass can be recycled and reused for a number of purposes.
  • Plastic can be recycled to create a number of goods, including apparel.


Instead of discarding food waste, you can make use of it as compost for your garden. Organic materials can be collected and left to decompose before depositing it in the ground for the soil to extract nutrients out of it. Compost is a natural fertilizer that not only nourishes the soil but in turn enables the plant to grow healthier. Composting is an effective form of recycling. You can also use crushed up eggshells in your compost. This has an added benefit of keeping pests away from your plants.


Learn the art of reusing household items that can effectively serve their purpose, such as plastic containers from left over from iced creams and butter. This can help reduce the amount of disposal, as well as, spare some expenses. The key is to think thoughtfully into what a certain item can be used for before instantly discarding it. Storage containers come in handy the most when it comes to storing home cooked meals. You can create extra space in the pantry to all the plastic tubs and containers you’ve manage to gather. You can apply this same logic to other items like paper, pencils, pens and notepads. For until we go completely biodegradable, we’ll be doing more good than harm by looking for ways to utilize as many things as we can.

Generate Energy

You can use your garbage disposal to generate energy. Taking advantage of the anaerobic plant’s digestion ability you can convert food waste disposal into biogas and fertiliser for farms. Sweden, for example, has been producing clean energy for years now through this method, so much so that they even import waste from other countries.

Firewood Fuel

After using your furniture to the point it can no longer be used comfortably or even be sold as secondhand, you would think you’re left with the only option to discard it. However, this isn’t true. Your furniture can still be of ample use, especially, as firewood. Even if you do not use wood burning stones, you can sell your furniture to potential buyers to be used as fuel or as camp wood.

Many waste disposal companies professionally undertake removal of garbage from your homes. Red Bins is a professional service that will gather waste, including food scraps, from your home for the purpose of turning them into energy. The company possesses proper machinery and tools to utilize/remove garbage. It realizes the importance of keeping the environment litter free. Junk removal companies can also act as a middle party responsible for collecting garbage and transporting it to facilities that deal in eco-friendly garbage disposal methods.

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