5 Items That Require Professional Junk Removal

Posted by on March 27, 2017
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Have you ever hauled your garbage to the curb the night before your regular municipal pick-up, only to discover the next day when you come home from work that some of the items you left are still there, in all their trashy glory? Maybe it was some landscaping refuse that took you an hour to collect and lug to the curb? Or maybe it was just a large cardboard box that is now, to your embarrassment, blown into the middle of your street?

Chances are, you have! Most municipal garbage collection services won’t touch such stuff as organic material, electronics, bulky furniture or just regular trash that’s not broken down and sized to precise specs issued by the city. These items as well as those that may be too risky for you to disconnect, lift and carry, need the disposal services of a professional junk removal company. So, if you have to get rid of any of the following, it’s best to call your local junk removal company.

  1. Organic Material

    If you’ve done major or even minor landscaping on your property, you’ll likely have left-over soil, turf, dead plants, etc. These are not generally picked up by your local garbage service. Don’t even try to top off bags of turf and soil with other trash—municipal garbage workers are well trained to detect these sneaky manoeuvres! You will just end up lugging these bags back to the garage the next day.

  2. Construction Materials

    Did you finally get to work on your patio, laying new bricks or tiles? Any leftover materials such as bricks, broken or surplus tiles, wiring, metal scraps, drywall and construction waste, and any mortar or concrete matter, will not be picked up by your municipal disposal service.

    A junk removal company, however, will certainly pick them up for you. Furthermore, the junk removal team will actually go through it all, to determine which materials can still be recycled or donated, before dropping off the rest at a landfill.

  3. Furniture

    Furniture is usually heavy, bulky and difficult to lift and carry to the curb. If you’re doing it yourself, you’re taking a risk of straining your back, or worse. Why run such a risk? Leave it to a junk removal company to remove those furniture pieces you no longer like or want. You can rest assured, they will save the ones that are still in a pretty good shape and donate them to a local charity.

  4. Appliances

    Refrigerators, gas ranges, ovens, washers and dryers, dishwashers and ventilation systems—all of these mammoth items definitely call for the expertise of a junk removal company. Not only are these appliances extremely hard to cart out of the house and transport to the curb, but they can be quite challenging to safely and properly disconnect. A gas stove, for instance, has live attachments to the gas lines in your property, and making these inactive takes specialized knowledge.

  5. Hoarding Trash

    This may be considered a special case, but you may have a family member, a friend or a tenant who has been dealing with a hoarding problem. Cleaning and disposal services that are required in a hoarding case are quite specialized. A situation like that may be rife with health and contamination risks, and should always be relegated to a professional junk removal company.

Your regular trash from everyday living is easy to deal with, and that’s where your tax-supported local garbage disposal service is so useful. However, if you are looking to dispose of organic matter, construction materials, potentially contaminated trash, or just very heavy and bulky house items, it’s best to give a local junk removal company a call.

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