5 Items That Won’t Fit In A Dumpster Bin

Posted by on August 28, 2017
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While a dumpster bin is ideal for the removal of most belongings from the home, there are some items that are too large to fit inside the bin. Oftentimes, you don’t realize the problem until you try to place the item inside. So, in this latest post, to help prevent you from having problems removing large items from your home, our junk removal team is highlighting five products that won’t fit within dumpsters.

Children’s Play Sets
You’ve decided to move and you’re looking for a way to get rid of those old play sets before you begin. Try to determine whether the playsets are of the requisite size to fit inside your dumpster bin rental. You’ll find that most are simply too big and will require removal from a specialist junk removal company, who will take the play set from the home.

Sectional Furniture
Sectional furniture can be exceptionally awkward to move. The edges and angles of the piece often make it difficult to fit around corners. You’re also likely to find that the furniture won’t fit in most conventionally-sized dumpster bins.

Old Vehicles
Some try to break apart their old vehicles and place the pieces in their dumpsters for removal, but most pieces won’t fit within the dumpster. And even if they do, many parts of the vehicle require special removal processes due to the dangerous chemicals within them. For example, batteries contain mercury and other toxic elements. Look for guidance from recycling companies and junkyard operators before you try to dispose of older vehicles.

Storage Units
While you could spend the time breaking apart your old storage systems, such as sheds and trailers, so that they will fit in your dumpster, it’s usually a better use of your time to call a junk removal expert. Junk removal teams have the vehicles and the expertise to haul storage units. You might also consider calling a local scrap yard, as they might take the storage system for a small fee.

By speaking with your local junk removal specialist and making plans ahead of time for removing belongings from your home, you can ensure the process runs smoothly. Our experts have decades of experience in the junk removal marketplace, and we’re here to guide you in removing large items from your home. Call today to learn more.

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