5 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Home

Posted by on April 10, 2017
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Spring cleaning is the annual rite of passage to our favourite season, summer! Who wants to wash and scrub the house top-to-bottom in the summer heat? And who bothers to do any thorough cleaning during those short, cold days of winter, when all you want to do is to sit by a fire and read a book? What’s the point, anyways? Kids, pets and visitors to the house will trudge all the dirt you just spent hours cleaning up right back into the house.

Getting To It!

When spring is in the air, we get that extra energy to do a thorough, detailed cleaning and wash that winter right out of the house. Motivation is usually high at the beginning, but if the process becomes too arduous, it may fade quickly. The worry about what to do with all the trash you will end up with may also hinder your resolve to start this project, but rest assured, that’s not a problem at all. You can always call up your local disposal service to take all that junk away from your home.

Start by Cleaning the Windows

That sun shining through your sparkling clean windows will be helpful on two levels: it will immediately brighten up the space, and it will also highlight the areas that really need some extra spring cleaning elbow grease.

Grab a Duster

Turn your attention to all the objects studiously avoided during the regular weekly clean-ups in the winter: chandeliers, lamp shades and bulbs, fans, baseboards and frames, wall corners, the tops of cabinets. Be prepared for a dust storm—these often forgotten areas can hold mighty amounts of dust. You might even have to resort to household chemicals to get that dust-turned-to-grime off!

Get Out the Vacuum

Direct it at all the furnishings that have absorbed dust over the last few months: carpets, sofas, curtains, rugs, chairs, cushions—anything upholstered or made out of fabric. Afterwards, reward yourself by breathing in the much cleaner air!

Clean the Walls

Even though most of the dust and soot falls to the floor, much of it also clings to all those vertical surfaces on the way downs. Using a sponge and hand dishwashing detergent, attack the walls, doors, sides of counters and cabinets, backsplashes, sides of furniture, bathroom shower stalls, bathtub walls and toilet sides. And don’t forget the light switches and knobs on all the doors—many a sticky finger has likely left its grimy traces in these areas.

Clean Kitchen Appliances

In the kitchen, spring cleaning is the perfect time to get rid of those never or seldom used pots and pans, small appliances, and pottery to free up space in your cabinets. Take everything out, cabinet by cabinet, and set aside those items that have been lurking deep inside. If you have a disposal service helping you to get rid of all the refuse from your spring cleaning, they will take these still usable items and donate them to a local charity for you. Once the cabinet load is reduced, clean the shelves, or refresh everything with a brand new paper liner.

Complete the Top-to-Bottom Mission

If you’re super motivated, you can then turn your attention to the basement or the attic—the refuge for all those items you deemed no longer presentable or necessary, but were reluctant to throw out. Spring cleaning is a great time to finally do something about that burgeoning, dust-gathering motley of things, especially if you have a disposal service helping you out with some of the more bulky or heavy items that need to go.

Cleared out of wobbly, old furniture, Christmas ornaments not used in years, and clothing that was fashionable around the turn of the century, your basement and attic will re-emerge as an organized, spacious, dust bunny-free space.

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