5 Tips to Efficiently Load a Dumpster Rental

Posted by on April 26, 2018
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Whether it’s time to clean out the attic or expand your showroom floor, a dumpster rental is sometimes a must. It is a waste disposal option that makes every project considerably easier and less time consuming. While it seems nothing could be easier than just dumping all your mess into this convenient garbage disposal method, there are a few tips to make the most out of your dumpster rental.

Load Evenly

It can be hard to organize your waste disposal by weight. It is much easier to just dump it all in the dumpster as you go. The problem that will arise with this method is heavier things get put to one side or the other and the dumpster becomes unstable. It can tip over while being transported and spill everything out. Make sure to evenly distribute the heavier items along the floor of the garbage disposal unit.

Know What You Can Load

There are some items that cannot be disposed of in a dumpster. Hazard materials and household chemicals must be disposed of in another fashion. Most people are not aware that simple household items such as cleansers and pesticides are considered hazardous waste. Batteries and old monitors, along with chemical hazardous waste products damage the environment and can get you a hefty fine.

Bag Light Items

Papers, clothing, and other light objects can fly from the back of the dumpster once it is in motion. When you have garbage like wallpaper, shredded documents, or styrofoam, it has to be bagged up before putting it in the dumpster. Throwing it in unbagged, on top of everything else allows it to blow around and possibly come out and fly into drivers behind it.

Do Not Overfill

It is very tempting to fill your dumpster as full as you can. Never fill a dumpster over the sides. This makes hauling off the dumpster a very dangerous activity. Even before you haul it off, a mountain of debris hanging out of the dumpster can easily tumble out and hurt someone. Many towns also administer fines or refuse to allow hauling an overfilled dumpster.

Think Jigsaw Puzzle

When you are starting to load the dumpster, do a little pre-planning. Consider all the things you have to throw away and think of them as pieces of a puzzle. Use smaller items to fill gaps made from big pieces like desks or sofas. Place large flat items like tiles or boards along the bottom of the unit and stack the remaining trash on top.

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