6 Professionals To Call When Renovating Your Home

Posted by on June 26, 2017
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Renovating a home can be a complex and daunting project, involving several players. From the architect to plan and design the renovation to a dumpster rental for loading up and clearing construction debris, you may have a number of professionals involved in your remodel. Here’s a primer on who will do what for your renovation project.

  1. Architect

    If your renovation involves creating new spaces and structural changes, you’ll need an architect to help you realize your needs and vision and produce drawings. You’ll need those drawings not only for the construction process, but also to get a permit from the city.

    If your project is more a cosmetic update of a bathroom or kitchen, and does not involve a structural change or a reworking of electrical and plumbing systems, you probably don’t have to hire an architect.

  2. Engineer

    Generally, the architect hires the engineer. The engineer works with the architect to ensure his/her design meets building codes for construction, and plans for the electrical, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and plumbing systems.

  3. Interior Designer

    An interior designer will help you with the layout of the new spaces, and what finishes and furnishings to choose.

    Some specially trained interior designers can produce drawings and forms needed for permits, and serve as the main contact with the construction company.

  4. General Contractor

    The general contractor is like a project manager. This person will oversee the actual construction of your addition or renovation. If your project is extensive, it’s a good idea to have a general contractor in place.

    The general contractor schedules and oversees all phases of construction. This person may bring in his own staff or sub-contract trades for specific needs. It’s important that you choose a person for this job that you can communicate well with – he/she will be your main point of contact and will deal on your behalf with the city building department for permits and inspections.

  5. Junk Removal

    Any renovation involves plenty of debris. From the messy demolition to the interior design phase, there will be all kinds of rubbish and scrap to deal with. That’s where junk removal services come in. You can either hire them to come and collect all the leftover trash, or you can rent a dumpster from them.

    On a longer project, a dumpster rental is a good option. As the project progresses, all the demolition and leftover construction materials can be safely contained in a dumpster, and not left lying around, posing a risk to workers or other people on the site. When the renovation is finished, the junk removal company will come and pick up the dumpster rental and dispose of the refuse in an environmentally friendly way.

If you are planning to enlarge a room, reconfigure the layout of your house or build an addition, you will need the help of some — if not all — of these professionals. But, if you just want to install new cabinets and counters in the kitchen or change the tiling and fixtures in the bathroom, the only professional you’ll need is the junk removal company and a dumpster rental. No matter how big or small a renovating job is, you can always expect plenty of unsightly trash that needs to be dealt with!

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