7 Reasons You Need To Rent A Bin When You’re Moving

Posted by on February 1, 2016
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When you ask people what they consider to be the top stressful events in one’s life, selling a house and moving ranks pretty close to death, divorce and loss of job! It’s no wonder. Sometimes, relocating can be a monumental task, fraught with a lot of anxiety, sleepless nights and physical exhaustion.

Moving: What A Nightmare!

Just putting your house on the market is a big decision. Then it’s time to roll up your sleeves and clean, clean, clean, sort, declutter, repair, stage your home and maybe even renovate. The house needs to look as spacious, clean and up-to-date as it can be to attract the top dollar offer, right?

Still, even when you finally do get the offer you want, after a few moments of exhilaration, it’s back to work and anxiety. Packing. Lots of packing. Evaluating what goes to the new home and what is just long forgotten junk to be disposed of. You know, all sorts of odds and ends in the attic, forgotten bric-a-brac in the basement, and mostly rubbish in the garage. The last thing you need to worry about is how to get rid of that huge pile of trash!

The worry continues even when you finally arrive at the new house. Now, there are all those cardboard boxes and packing materials and sometimes even previous owners’ old belongings to get rid of.

Lessen Your Ordeal: Rent A Junk Removal Bin

A simple solution to all this worry and work is to rent a junk bin. Here’s how renting a junk removal bin will reduce the trials and tribulations of your relocation.

  1. The bin is delivered to your property and placed just in the spot you want. You can throw all your junk into one contained space as you progress through the house, sorting and packing.

  2. With the bin easily accessible from the house, you don’t have to drag bags of trash to the street or worry about having too much trash for the municipal pick up.

  3. With a large bin waiting for whatever you can throw at it, you’re more likely to be brave about throwing things out—and that’s a good thing! Moving is an excellent opportunity to finally go through all the stuff that’s accumulated over the years, stuff that has never been seen since it was boxed up or just thrown willy-nilly into the crawl space or the attic.

  4. You don’t have to worry about whether you’re throwing out something that might still be of use to someone else. The removal company will go through your junk, separate it into things that can be donated, and take them to a local charity. This saves you a trip to a charity drop off point! You don’t have to worry about throwing out something that should be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. Leave this concern to the junk removal company as well.

  5. At the new house, a bin will also help you dispose of all those cardboard boxes and packing materials that carried your stuff to your new location. It will also prove valuable if the house needs some fixing and repairs, as you can easily throw in any leftover construction materials or landscaping castoffs. Is that almost-dead bush right in front of the new house getting on your nerves? Dig it out and throw it into the bin!

  6. When you’re done, you just pick up the phone and request a pick-up of the bin at a time convenient for you. Then you just wave goodbye to all the junk as it drives away to its final destination.

Unless you’re moving from a tiny studio apartment where you’ve lived only a short time, packing and relocating without renting a junk removal bin will add extra work and anxiety at a time when you definitely do not need more of either! Using a bin will speed up your sorting and packing, eliminate concern about disposing piles of trash from the old as well as the new house, and save your energy for more important things that need to be done. No wonder some real estate agents actually offer this service free to attract potential clients. It’s a very appealing bonus!

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