All About Appliance Recycling

Posted by on June 1, 2017
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Have you finally replaced your fridge or oven with a sleek, upgraded model? Are you considering now what to do with your old appliance? Proper recycling of appliances is very important ecologically. Your local disposal services company will be able to help you do this appropriately and efficiently.

The Importance Of Proper Appliance Recycling

Proper recycling of appliances is of ecological importance. Refrigerators and freezers, for instance, use Freon and other chlorofluorocarbons to keep food cold. Although these chemicals serve a critical function in keeping our food healthy, they are considered ozone-depleting substances.

Before fridges and freezers are taken to a landfill, these toxic chemicals must be safely drained from them. This task is performed by trained technicians who make sure these gases are not released into the air or the ground. A disposal services team will deliver your old appliances to the right place where they will be rendered harmless to the environment.

Appliance Recycling At Its Best

The best form of appliance recycling is donating them to places where they can be given to people who can’t afford brand new ones.

Donation centres can make minor repairs if need be, and donate or sell these refurbished old appliances at a discount. The disposal service you hire will ensure that your old appliance is properly assessed and either donated or prepped for an environmentally friendly disposal.

Secondary Recycling

If your old appliance is beyond redemption, the disposal services team can arrange to have all the potentially toxic components removed and the appliance prepped for scrap metal recycling.

The metal bits from your old fridge, freezer or washing machine will be eventually melted and used to produce new items. In addition to keeping the landfill less crowded, this form of recycling helps to reduce the need for extracted iron ore resources. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, using scrap metal provides a 75 per cent savings in energy over using extracted iron ore.

Hiring a disposal service to remove your old appliance will make you feel great about doing your environmental part as a responsible recycler. A disposal services company will make sure your old appliance doesn’t crowd the landfill, but gets a second lease on life at another home; or, they’ll arrange for parts of these appliances to be melted down to be reborn as a brand new item. Now, that’s the true spirit of recycling!

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