Is Anything Placed Under The Bin To Protect My Driveway?

Posted by on May 2, 2016
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For some people, the worry about driveway damage is the only thing stopping them from renting a large disposal bin, and getting rid of the junk they have accumulated. But, RedBins takes that into consideration.

Your driveways will be protected with the special rollers on the bottoms of the bins. The rollers are asphalt and concrete safe. These rollers make it easy to roll in and out of place without any dragging, that way the bottom of the bin won’t be scratching against the surface.

A reliable and professional bin rental company should also places wooden boards underneath the rails of the bin. These boards will prevent any scratching of your driveway, as well as distributes the weight evenly. The evenly distributed weight will stop the bin or any part of the bin from sinking into the driveway.

To ensure your driveway is protected, you can also make sure the bin is on the most level part of your driveway. This will help the weight distribution, and will make sure it is as even and steady as possible.

There are also things you can do, to help with the distribution as well. You can make sure the weight is placed evenly, by not putting all the heavy items in one spot and light items in another.

The wooden boards under the bin will also leave some room between the bin and your driveway. This will create airflow between your driveway and the bin for heat and water run off space.

Benefits of Renting a Disposal Bin:

  • Home renovations: When you’re in the middle of a home renovation project, whether large or small, the last thing you want to worry about is what you’ll do with all the trash and debris. You’d be amazed how quickly a large garbage bag will fill up when you’re tearing out fixtures and walls. Having a large bin that keeps all your waste in one convenient place will save you a lot of headache.
  • Spring Cleaning: Rental bins come in many sizes, so when you’ve got a big clean ahead of you, don’t underestimate the convenience of having a bin at your home. Our team drops off the bin at your home and then takes away your trash when you’re done.
  • Moving to a New Home: There’s no better chance to clean out your home than when you’re moving. Go through your closets and properly purge any items you no longer want or need–those items are sure to pile up quickly, so a rental bin could be a great way to handle that junk.

There are so many simple, reliable ways to protect your driveway from your bin, that the pros clearly outweigh any other concerns. If you’re still uneasy about putting the bin on your driveway, you can place the bin on your street instead. Before you decide to place the bin on your street, make sure to check your municipality’s laws to make sure it’s legal in your area. If it is accepted, you will need to get a road occupancy permit. Then you can place the bin on the road. You will also need to download a NO PARKING sign to make sure the area is clear for your bin.

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