Benefits of Waste Management for Your Business

Posted by on August 14, 2019
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There are many benefits of waste management for your business, including conserving energy, saving the earth, reducing waste of all types, protecting the ecosystem, and even generating added revenue from recycling. There are also many different types of waste management, including waste minimization, recycling, composting, recovery, waste avoidance, plasma gasification, combustion, landfills, incineration, and junk removal services.

However, not all waste management processes are created equal, and some, such as dumping e-waste and other products into landfills, do far more harm than good. Here, we will discuss the benefits of waste management for your business, from both an ecological and financial perspective.

It’s a Lucrative Business Venture

According to a report published by the Waste Business Journal, the waste management industry is quite lucrative, as it was expected to generate revenues exceeding $60 billion by 2010 in the United States alone. However, many companies underestimate the financial value that proper waste management can help generate, and, as such, fail to reap the myriad of benefits that efficient waste management can bring to the table.

However, times are changing, as more companies have gone green and made the shift toward more eco-friendly waste management practices, such as reusing and recycling products. Doing so can yield superlative financial benefits, while also help improve a company’s reputation in the process.

It Can Help Keep the Environment Clean

Arguably, the greatest benefit of waste management is that it helps keep the environment clean. Furthermore, when the proper procedures are followed, and the waste disposal tools used are sanitary and up to date, then people will also benefit, as the waste generated will be disposed of in a safe, hygienic, and ethical manner. The end result is the number of people getting sick from contaminated air, water, and soil-based diseases and pathogens, such as diphtheria, parasites, and chronic diarrhea, will drop dramatically.

Again, the only way that the environment can be kept clean and that the prevalence of air and waterborne diseases can be minimized is if the proper protocols are followed to a tee and if the tools used are state of the art.

Help Conserve Energy

The majority of trees that are cut annually are used to make various paper-based goods for consumption. However, you can help reduce the number of trees cut every year by implementing a comprehensive recycling program at your office. In other words, recycling paper and other waste can allow businesses to use recycled paper products instead of relying on the cutting of trees to produce new paper goods.

As an added benefit, recycling requires only a small amount of energy for processing, and is an eco-friendly way to help save the earth, conserving energy and other valuable resources in the process. Given the fact that many of the earth’s resources are nonrenewable, it is imperative that corporations and governments implement eco-friendly practices that prioritize the use of renewable forms of energy and resources to sustain the environment.

Earn Money

There are many companies that will pay you for your waste, so you can generate added revenue every month by selling your waste to the highest bidder. For example, you can sell your old or defective office supplies, equipment, electronics, and furniture instead of throwing them out, where they will usually end up rotting in perpetuity in a local landfill. You can also sell bottles, cans, and other office goods that have been used as food or beverage receptacles, and, as an added benefit, they will usually be sorted according to the amount of pollution they generate, and subsequently recycled.

Moreover, by instilling the benefits of recycling on a corporate level you can also improve the reputation of your company as an environmentally conscious employer, which can help bring in new quality employees as well as new clients, while retaining existing clients and employees for a prolonged period of time.

Create New Jobs

Every facet or component of waste management involves a substantial amount of resources in order to operate as intended. As such, implementing waste management practices or strategies will help create new jobs in the process. From collecting waste and transport to sorting and recycling, every step will require a significant amount of manpower, which will create new job opportunities that will help stimulate the economy.

In fact, according to a report published recently by the U.S. Department of Labor, over three million new jobs are generated annually from waste management. In sum, you can help generate new jobs by incorporating ethical waste management into your company’s core values and goals, which will not only accelerate your waste management programs, but also help reduce your company’s carbon footprint as well.

Reduce Pollution

As we have seen, there are many benefits of waste management, both financial and ecological. However, the benefits can reach far beyond your local community. That is, as more companies begin adopting green business ventures and programs, other companies will quickly follow suit in order to remain competitive. As such, the amount of harmful greenhouse gases that are generated from waste, such as carbon monoxide and methane, will be reduced significantly on a global scale.

In addition, the amount of incineration that is conducted globally will be reduced, which will reduce air pollution (i.e., soot, smog), while the amount of waste being dumped in landfills will decrease. In fact, even the number of fossil fuels will be reduced, which will help keep the environment green and pristine for generations to come.

The Red Bins Difference

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