The Best Budget Friendly DIY Projects For Homeowners

Posted by on July 24, 2017
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During the summer, there’s often nothing better than working away on your home. Taking pride in your home and beginning a new DIY project offers rich rewards for those with patience and skill. In this latest post, our dumpster rental team explains four DIY projects that offer great value for money and can be completed within a short time.

  1. Plant an Evergreen to Screen Your Yard

    Whether it’s to gain a semblance of privacy from your neighbours or to block the cool winds in the winter, you could begin your summer DIY projects with planting evergreen trees. For those looking to build their own private oasis in their yard, evergreens are an affordable addition to the home garden space, and can grow as much as three feet per year.

  2. Turn A Spare Closet into Office Space

    There’s always a need for extra office space to be more productive with your time spent at home. You can quickly find that ideal room by turning your spare closet into an office. Simply unhinge the door and remove the hanging rods, so you’ll be able to place a shelf into the space on which you can then place your computer.

  3. Add Floating Shelves to Free Up Floor Space

    The floor space around your home can quickly become cluttered. Those large classic bookcases might look great in a large property, but if you have only a small amount of space to work with, you need an alternative. Floating shelves are the ideal addition to the modern home. You can simply mount the shelves in easy-to-reach areas and remove the bookcases to open up the room.

  4. Add a Waterproof Backsplash to Kids’ Areas

    Your kids’ bathroom is likely to be drenched in water from time to time. This water can then damage all surface material and decor throughout the bathroom space. To mitigate the damage caused during bath time, why not add waterproof tiles to the walls around sink and bath areas. Rubber tiles work well and can be sealed against moisture.

  5. Install a Kick Plate on Front Doors

    The front door of your home represents you and your family to the rest of the world, but sometimes the door can be scuffed and marked as people brush against it with their feet. By installing a kick plate on the bottom of the door, you can improve its appeal and eradicate those unsightly marks.

Our trusted team has many years of experience in the junk removal industry. To learn more about how to improve your home and remove older junk from the property, contact our dumpster rental experts now.

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