Common Terms to Understand When Using a Disposal Service

Common Terms to Understand When Using a Disposal Service

Posted by on June 15, 2020
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Toronto disposal services always serve to make sure any junk or waste removal can be addressed with ease and professionalism. At some point, you may require the removal of daunting amounts of junk or waste. Depending on the task at hand, there can be various amounts of storage needs for equipment and materials. This can make it difficult to know exactly how certain things can be disposed of properly.

Fortunately, understanding the terms often used by disposal services will help you know exactly what will be needed in your situation. By knowing this particular kind of terminology, you can better communicate your needs while understanding what to expect.

Routine Dumpster

Disposal services include commercial dumpsters, which are the containers that will be picked up on a routine basis by trash collectors. The actual dumpsters themselves will usually be on a smaller scale and will be rented out to common areas, such as grocery stores or apartment buildings.

Roll-Off Dumpster

A roll-off dumpster is distinguished from a commercial dumpster, primarily because it is rented for a particular project such as a house remodelling, construction, or a major cleanout. These dumpsters are not kept at a particular location beyond the duration of the project and are used at a particular time, rather than on a weekly or monthly basis.

Dumpster Permit

Depending on where you are located and where you are looking to place your dumpster, you may be required to get a permit. Consult with the dumpster rental company to know what to expect when it comes to your situation. It’s important to stay on top of any permit issues in order to protect yourself from any unforeseen stoppages.


Tonnage is the most important detail when figuring out what kind of disposal service you’ll need. The capacity of the bin being used will be shown in tonnage. Additionally, you need to be aware of the maximum tonnage to ensure that all the equipment is being properly used.

Cubic Dimensions

It’s always useful to be aware of all the cubic dimensions. Any measurements that are done with the waste and the equipment will commonly be expressed in cubic feet. If you have a strong grasp of the cubic measurement of your waste and equipment, you’ll be better prepared to work with the disposal service of your choice.

Overage Fees

When the maximum tonnage requirement of a dumpster is not followed, there can be overage fees. It is crucial to be aware of your equipment capacity and how much waste you are putting in. By understanding tonnage limits, you can, therefore, avoid any overage penalties.

Landfill Fees

Once your waste has been removed, it will eventually have to be dumped at a landfill site. Landfill fees, therefore, will account for some of the cost of dumping the waste. You should understand what these fees are when working with a waste disposal service.

Mixed Loads

Mixed loads are always important to note. Make sure that when you’re dealing with a variety of waste, they will be disposed of properly. By specifying that you have mixed loads, you can get the proper recycling. A reputable disposal service will make sure that any material being disposed of will be done safely, without harming the environment.

Prohibited Material

Certain items, such as motor oil, battery acid, and paint, are prohibited from being put in regular rental dumpsters and need to be disposed of differently. You should always be aware of any banned materials being used to allow your disposal to proceed efficiently and safely.

By understanding the terms above, you’ll have a better knowledge of the junk removal process. There are a variety of situations that will demand different kinds of services. By gaining the necessary knowledge, you can avoid any costly mistakes, fees, and penalties.

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