Creative Ways To Upcycle Your Junk

Posted by on February 1, 2016
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The current state of landfills around the world is disheartening to say the least; excessively high rates of pollution and waste continue to plague the environment, and are taking up more and more space with each passing day.

Although recycling has been praised for years as a fundamental approach in the name of preservation and conservation, a recent alternative has taken over the global scene, and it comes in the form of upcycling.

As the name suggest, the key difference between this modern waste prevention method and its conventional counterpart is that instead of getting rid of metals, plastics, and other renewable resources, users tap into their creative side to produce useful substitutes. You are only limited by your imagination; why not save a little money and give back to Mother Nature at the same time?

Get Your Upcycle On

Make a broom out of a bottle – Start with a few of your favorite 2-liters of choice. Cut the tops off of all of them save one, and cut several strips so that the plastic becomes flexible and takes on the shape of a broom end. Insert the bottles into the one with the top left intact, then secure them to a stick or wooden handle. Although your bottle broom might be a little rough for hardwood and vinyl, it should work well to clean up messes on concrete garage and basement flooring!

Craft beer or wine bottle lights – Carefully cut the bottom of the bottle out to create a hanging light or outdoor lantern. Screw the bulb into the fixture and attach it to the base of the bottle with adhesive or some other mechanism. Candles and light bulbs work equally well with this unique idea.

Build your own guitar picks – there are many products on the market like the Pickmaster, a device that cuts credit cards and other viable items to the perfect guitar pick shape. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned player, you’re guaranteed never to run out of the thing that keeps you rocking the strings!

This list is obviously far from exhaustive; other neat ideas include converting light bulbs into candles (fill the empty bulb with oil and a wick), using an old, wooden ladder as a bookshelf (mount it horizontally for optimal storage), and making a chandelier out of hanging wine bottles. The ideas are endless!

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