How To Decide The Best Sized Bin To Rent

Posted by on July 11, 2016
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So you’ve decided to rent a disposal bin! There are many advantages to renting a disposal bin, including:

  • Eliminating the hassle: With Red Bins, you can rent a bin or decide to go with full junk removal. Either way, our team makes it easier for you by helping you along the way, arriving on time, and taking away your unwanted junk!
  • Easy arrangements: One phone call is all it takes! Whether you’re getting rid of renovation waste, excess belongings, or construction debris, we’ll be there to remove it.
  • Having options: By opting for a full junk removal service, you’re ensuring you won’t have to do anything. Our experienced professional junk removal team will come, load everything into a bin, and take it away. If you’d like to handle more of the job yourself, a bin rental is the way to go. You’ll save money, and we’ll take care of the drop-off and pick-up.

Renting a bin takes the junk out of your home or garage, and contains it in one place, ready to be whisked away. You fill it—we’ll haul it!

We offer several different sizes of bins, to suit your needs! Our sizes are:

  • “Petite,” 4-yard bin
  • 14-yard bin
  • 20-yard bin
  • 40-yard bin

Which size is right for you? It can be hard to just eyeball the items you need to dispose of, and if you’re undertaking a renovation or construction project, it may be difficult to predict how much debris and waste will be produced.

For a smaller scale renovation, or clearing home waste, you probably won’t need a very large bin, so we recommend a 14- or 20-yard bin. However, if you’re undertaking a larger renovation, construction, or landscaping project, the amount of waste could easily grow.

For businesses, such as hotels and restaurants, a larger amount of waste is created and it’s probably best to go with a larger-sized bin, perhaps a 40-yard bin.

Depending on the duration of any renovation or construction, and the types of materials being disposed of, you may choose to rent a smaller bin, but have it regularly hauled and dropped back off, or rent two smaller bins, one for clean fill and one for other waste.

The best way to figure out what size bin you need is to get in touch with our experts today! If you’re unsure about what size bin you need, Red Bins can help you. Size depends not only on the amount of waste, but the type and weight. Give us a call and free yourself from junk!

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