When To Dispose Of These 5 Beauty Items

Posted by on November 6, 2017
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It’s an easy trap to fall into. You continually go shopping and grab one or two beauty products from the makeup counter. Soon, you find that you have a large number of products that have taken over your bedroom and bathroom space. If you’ve decided it’s time to get rid of those old beauty supplies, read this latest post for our disposal services team’s explanation of when and how to begin the removal process.


Applying mascara can be a great, quick way to improve your look before heading out. But there’s no reason to keep all the old bottles you’ve collected. Check your mascara for signs of clumping and crusting at the side of the bottle, and remove the product from your home if it’s past its best.


Many body lotions are designed to be kept in cool, dry conditions over many months, but sometimes even the highest quality product expires. You’ll notice when your lotions are past their best because their constituent parts separate. When you press on the bottle and notice water comes out before lotion, it is a clear sign that the product has expired.


It can be more difficult to notice a distinct change in perfumes than products with a particular texture or colour, but you will sometimes notice that the smell of perfume changes. This is particularly true for perfumes in plastic packaging, as the elements in the packaging can leach into the liquid perfume and cause a musty smell. Throw out those old perfumes that no longer deliver that flowery scent.


Foundation is the ideal way to conceal imperfections in the skin, but sometimes the foundation itself can begin to show imperfections. Older products show changes in colour, which could lead to a non-uniform colour when applied to the skin. It will be immediately obvious the foundation should be thrown out, because you’ll see the stripes in your complexion.


It doesn’t take much to spread an infection to the eyes from the other parts of the body, so if you’ve recently been ill and decided to try to go out to take your mind of it, try to avoid using the same eyeliner again. Throw out the bottle and find a new fresh product to protect yourself from reinfection after illness.

Our disposal services experts are here to help you complete the removal of all junk from your bedroom and bathroom spaces. To discover more about determining when it’s time to throw out those old beauty products, call our team today!

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