How Should You Dispose Of Your Biodegradable Garbage?

Posted by on October 4, 2017
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Biodegradable waste can begin to collect in our kitchen spaces and garages, and throughout the home. It’s important to consider how to safely dispose of biodegradable garbage. We’ll offer several tips in our newest post.

Motor Oils Are Considered Hazardous Waste

It’s important that you don’t throw out your old oils for your lawnmower or vehicle with the regular trash. This is a mistake many homeowners make, and it might mean that motor oil is sent to the local landfill site instead of a hazardous waste facility. Make sure that you call your local mini bin rental company to discuss hazardous waste options. They can help you make the right choice, and dispose of hazardous items such as motor oil effectively.

Avoid Sending Waste to Landfills

While you might consider sending some of your biodegradable, non-hazardous waste to local landfill sites, the waste can still have a significantly damaging effect on the local environment in that area. For example, some forms of biodegradable waste emit a dangerous odor during the degradation process, and this odor can travel with the local winds from the nearby landfill. To mitigate the danger of this form of waste, you might consider other disposal methods offered by your local mini bin rental company.

Commit to Recycling Options

Many forms of biodegradable waste can now be recycled by your local city recycling plant. They can be turned into manure and other useful products that can be harnessed throughout the home. But before taking on the recycling process, you should consider the full range of recycling options, and connect with local removal companies who can help guide you through the recycling stages to ensure the product is used effectively.

Biodegradable waste can play an important role in protecting our ecosystem and helping maintain our commitment to the environment. But it’s essential that homeowners review their disposal options before sending biodegradable products into the local trash system. Our team members are experts in helping clients dispose of, and make effective use of, their biodegradable products. To discover more about your options, call us today!

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