How to Dispose of Light Bulbs

Posted by on August 21, 2017
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Your home light bulbs are often made from materials that, if not disposed of properly, could cause significant damage to the local environment. It’s important that you have a clear understanding on effective light bulb disposal and choose disposal options that safeguard the environment. Our junk bin rental team has many years of experience in the disposal market, and, in this latest post, we’re highlighting several light bulb disposal tips.

The Dangerous Materials in Fluorescent Bulbs
Before learning more on how to dispose of light bulbs safely, it’s important to learn why many products cannot be thrown out in your household trash. Fluorescent bulbs are particularly damaging to the environment and can contain products such as mercury, which can damage local wildlife and has been linked with medical problems in humans. New disposal methods have been devised to mitigate the damage caused by the mercury.

Look for Retailers that Offer Recycling Services
An number of leading local retailers across Canada now offer recycling services. This means that you can take flourescent bulbs to these stores in order to have the bulb recycled. Chains such as Lowe’s, Home Hardware, and Ikea are participating in programs that allow you to recycle your fluorescent bulbs directly within their stores

Call Your Local Junk Removal Company
One of the leading mistakes many homeowners make is simply disposing of light bulbs and other potentially hazardous material in the trash. This can often mean that the chemicals and metals that make up the bulb leech into the natural environment when they’re taken to the landfill. To mitigate this issue, it’s important to consider working with a local junk removal company. Many companies now offer hazardous waste removal and can pick up your used light bulbs when they pick up other used items from your home.

Some Bulbs Can be Thrown Out with the Garbage
While light bulbs like compact fluorescent lamps require you to be cautious and call an expert to complete the disposal process, but there are some bulbs that can be thrown out with your household trash. For example, halogen bulbs and LED lights can be safely thrown out with your regular trash if you cannot find the required recycling program in your area. As with most products, it’s preferable to find a recycling option to ensure the materials are re-used and remain away from landfills.

Our junk bin rental team is here to guide you in safely and effectively disposing of your home light bulbs. To learn more on this process, contact us today!

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