How To Dispose Of Yard And Landscaping Waste

Posted by on January 1, 2018
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Landscaping waste can often pile up around your home, leading to issues with insects and other infestations. It can also simply make the home look unsightly. It’s important you know exactly where to turn if you wish to dispose of yard and landscaping waste around your property. Our trusted team has decades of experience in the junk removal industry, and in this post we’ll provide our guide to disposing of landscaping waste.

Backyard Composting

For yard waste, one of the best ways in which to ensure the product is fully used is to compost it. Composting is a natural process that can be used to break down kitchen, lawn, and garden materials into their constituent natural parts. The end product of the composting process is considered an excellent soil conditioner for plants, gardens and lawn areas.

City Yard Waste

Your city likely removes yard waste on a weekly or biweekly basis from the side of the road. This ensures that all small forms of yard waste can be removed quickly from the home. It’s important that the yard waste is in an enclosed brown paper yard waste bag, and that there are no sharp objects poking through the sides or underneath the bag. When removing the waste from your home and placing it on the side of the road, always check for sharp areas and ensure the bag is secure so that it doesn’t break when the removal team lifts it.

Bin Rental

In many cases, yard waste and landscaping debris can simply be too large for placement with smaller sticks and brush, and other smaller yard waste. This means you’ll have to find a larger container than might otherwise be available to you. One option is a trash bin rental. Sizes of trash bin rentals range depending on the amount of waste you have to remove from the home, so it’s important to work with a junk removal specialist to select your bin carefully, and begin the removal process following expert guidance.

By following the guidance from experts such as our team at Red Bins, you can ensure that all yard waste and landscaping debris is safely removed from your home and sent to secure sites in the area. To discover more about the junk removal process, call us today!

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