Easy Ways To Organize Your Closet

Posted by on January 4, 2016
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Disorganized clutter not only make your home feel smaller and more cramped, it also forces you to waste time hunting for your buried and haphazardly placed belongings. A quick fix to clear away the mess is to throw it in the nearest closet, but that band-aid solution won’t fix the root problem. Having clean, organized, and easily navigable closets is an important time saver and it will make you happier in your own home. Here are a few helpful steps to declutter your closet.

  1. Categorize your stuff
  2. Lay out three piles: Keep, Donate/Sell, Toss. Decide what you need to keep, figure out what’s valuable enough to sell or donate, and create a pile for what nobody would want (and yes, that means your moth-eaten rhinestone jacket).

  3. Clean your closet
  4. With the closet bare, now is the best time to clean it. Dust and wipe down every shelf. Vacuum or mop the floor. Get it spick and span because it won’t be this easy to clean again for a while.

  5. Relocate
  6. You might find that within your Keep pile, there are many items that don’t belong in that particular closet. Toilet paper probably shouldn’t be in your bedroom closet. Duvets shouldn’t be in the kitchen pantry. This is why it is best to make this a serious project. Clean out every closet in every room in your home, so you can be sure to have plenty of space to put your possessions where they belong.

  7. Everything in its right place
  8. Group items together by category. For example, shirts should go together, but take that a few steps further by grouping lightweight shirts, workout tops, casual sweaters, professional blouses, etc. Give each category a designated spot in the closet and stick to it. The more you do this for all items in each closet in the house, the more functional your space will be.

  9. The purge
  10. Now is not the time to be sentimental about objects and clothes you haven’t used or worn in years. Donating these items to charity is an honourable notion. However, charities have little use for your cracked and chipped plates or the water-damaged books you’ve held on to since middle school. As good as it is to reuse, some things are destined for the trash.

You might find that as you clean out your closets, your trash pile becomes a truly daunting and terrific sight. For more information on trash removal and bin rentals, contact our team. We provide a variety of services, including bin rentals or better yet, we’ll come over with the bin, pick up your unwanted objects, and haul them off for you. To set up a no-obligation estimate, simply call us any time at 416-RED-BINS. Or order online by clicking here.

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