Easy Ways to Reduce Waste in Your Home

Posted by on January 9, 2019
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With global warming wreaking havoc on the ecosystem, more and more environmentally conscious Canadians are looking for quick and easy ways to reduce their carbon footprint in order to do their part for the environment. If you want to join in the fight against pollution then you can follow some of the tips below to help reduce waste and clutter in and around your home. The tips below are easy to follow, and, in most cases, won’t cost you a dime.

FIFO to the Rescue

FIFO-which stands for, “First in, First Out”, is a term that is used in many restaurants today. However, the concept can also be applied to the home. Essentially, when you are unpacking your groceries you should push the older food items to the front of the fridge or the pantry and push the newer items to the back of the fridge or pantry. By doing so you will be far more likely to use food items before they go bad, and you will also help reduce clutter.

Make Paperless Billing the New Gold Standard

If you have a family then you will probably have to deal with artwork, flyers, and notes being piled up near the front door of your home. Bank and credit card bills and statements will also usually end up in the massive pile, but you can help reduce the amount of paper waste in your home by switching to paperless billing. However, ensure that you check your spam box to ensure that the electronic bills haven’t ended up in there.

If they have, make sure to whitelist them to avoid the issues in the future. Moreover, when the bills arrive in your inbox, make sure to mark them as “important”, and then, once you have successfully paid them off, uncheck them and move on with your day. You can also pay off all of your bills in one shot if you want to save time by marking your calendar each month. By doing so you can deal with all of your bills in one convenient sitting with just a few clicks or swipes if you’re paying via your smartphone.

Go Green With Your Toothbrush

Toothbrushes, along with flossing, are the ideal way to reduce plaque and tartar and ward off cavities and gingivitis. However, those plastic toothbrushes are designed to be replaced every 3 months or so, and will inevitably end up in a landfill. To help reduce the amount of waste in your home you can use your old toothbrushes to clean household items instead of your teeth. By doing so, they won’t up in a landfill for quite some time, and, when you go to the drugstore or supermarket to pick up some new toothbrushes, think about switching to compostable toothbrushes that are made with bamboo; they work just as well as their plastic counterparts, and, unlike plastic toothbrushes, won’t end up in a landfill, but will serve as vital nutrients for Mother Nature and her precious creatures.

Buy Pre-Worn Clothing

You can also help do your part for the environment by purchasing secondhand clothing. The amount of textile waste that ends up in textile waste processing plants is truly astounding, and the vast majority of the waste consists of discarded children’s clothing. As such, you can help instill the right values in your children by purchasing quality secondhand clothing for them. You can talk to your children the importance of reusing items and promoting environmental sustainability. You can even turn thrift shopping into a fun adventure with your children by exploring local thrift shops and bazaars. Think of it as a fun scavenger hunt that you can enjoy with your children during the weekends or holidays

Purchase the Bizarre Looking Produce

Many vegetables are fruits are tossed to the curb by suppliers because of their irregular colours, shapes, and/or sizes. However, in reality, real food doesn’t always come in pristine packages. Hence, we would recommend that you shop at your local grocery store or farmer’s market and pick up strange looking produce while you’re there. You will also be teaching your children that real food comes in all sorts of fun shapes and sizes, and, by purchasing such items, you will be reducing the amount of perfectly edible produce that ends up being thrown in the trash.

Make a Bin For Questionable Items

If there are items in your home that you are not sure of how to deal with, or if you have bulbs and batteries that need to be transported to a special facility in order to be reused, place the items in a questionable items bin and deal with them at the end of the year in one sitting. In other words, don’t dispose of questionable items, such as bulbs and batteries, one by one, which will waste time, but deal with all of them in one shot once a year.

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