Electronic Waste Management Tips

Posted by on November 20, 2018
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Every year, most well known electronic gadget companies launch a new smartphone with better features and improved functionality. Since most people want to keep up with the new technology, they dispose of their old phones and purchase new ones. The old phones become electronic waste and environmental hazards. Furthermore, outdated smartphones are not the only electronic waste: discarded laptops, refrigerators, tablets, and other electronics are also part of it.

Electronic waste is a big environmental challenge in the current world. According to Statistics, Canada has over 100,000 metric tonnes of electronic waste in its landfills. Despite control efforts the Electronics Products Recycling Association (EPRA), many households hoard unused electronics and dispose of them whenever they feel like it. As a result, it becomes hard to keep track of all the electronic waste being thrown away at dumping sites.

Electronic Waste Management Tips

If you want to learn how you can manage your electronic waste more efficiently, use the following tips:

1. Put all your electronics in order

One of the reasons why you may end up accumulating so much electronic waste is duplicate purchases. Perhaps you didn’t know that you had an extra hard drive at home, so you buy another one thinking that you need it. It’s only later when you’re going through your things that you realize you bought an extra electronic gadget for nothing. In the end, you throw the old one away.

The best way to avoid duplicate purchases is to take stock of all your gadgets and arrange them in order. That way, you can keep track of everything that you have and avoid what you don’t need.

2. Find a store that purchases old electronics

Before you throw away that old smartphone of yours, look for a better disposal option. A smart way to go about it is to find a store that can purchase it. You can easily find one by searching the internet.

There are two main advantages to selling old electronics: you get value for money, and you preserve the natural eco-system. Alternatively, you can just return the product back to the store which you bought it from and pay less for the latest gadget.

3. Buy only what you need

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the large number of electronic gadgets that we have in the market today. There’s a solution for everything; whether it’s earphones that block outside noise or smart watches that can let you pick and receive calls without removing your smartphone from the pocket.

However, before you get excited and go on a gadget shopping spree, assess your needs. For example, ask yourself whether you really need to buy a smartwatch and a smart band when both items almost have identical functions. Always go for the gadget that saves you the most money.

4. Donate

Practice the art of giving away what you don’t need and you’ll minimize the amount of electronic waste that you throw away. It’s easy for you to get distracted by the latest electronic gadget and forget about the old one. In many cases, you put the item in the basement and it slowly loses its functionality with time. Then, you throw it away with disposal services in Toronto because it no longer works, and you want to make space for something else in the basement.

To avoid such a scenario, always donate your old electronic gadgets to schools and other public institutions that may need them before you buy new ones. That way, you avoid accumulating electronic waste in the house.

5. Innovate

Did you know that you can use your electronic gadget for something else instead of throwing it away? For example, you can turn the PC fan from your old computer into a regular desk fan and use it when the temperature becomes too high. Alternatively, you can convert your old smartphone into a GPS device or a universal remote control.

The above suggestions are just some of the ways that you can re-purpose old electronics instead of throwing them away. You can search the internet for other ways and use them.

6. Storage

We live in an era where files are created, shared, and stored electronically. For this reason, manufacturers use storage space as a unique selling point for most of their electronic gadgets. Smartphones, tablets, and laptops are being revamped with larger storage spaces.

Instead of throwing your current PC away because the storage space is ‘not enough,’ why not store your files on the cloud. It is cheaper and more environmentally friendly to use alternative storage options.

7. Recycle

Recycling refers to the conversion of waste materials into useful ones. There are companies that specialize in recycling electronic waste materials. Therefore, it’s preferable that you dispose of your old gadgets with such firms if you want to minimize electronic waste disposal.

The best place to start is your local retailer. Many of them have on-site drop off points where you can leave your electronic waste for recycling. Alternatively, you can use an online firm, such as recycle my electronics.

So far, we have discussed the various electronic waste management tips that you can use to protect the environment.

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