The Environmental Case for the Garbage Disposal

Posted by on April 2, 2018
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In the typical home, the basement, attic, and garage are junk magnets! One day you go into the basement, look into the attic, or open the door to your garage and realize you cannot see the other side because it is filled with stuff. According to NBC News, an accumulation of stuff can diminish your mental acuity, and it can be harmful to your health. You make the bold decision to declutter your life, and Red Bins is here to help you!

How do I begin the process of decluttering my life?

The first thing you need to do is take a deep breath because the task can seem overwhelming. After calming yourself, develop a game plan, a plan of action. The first step is to take the time to go through all of that stuff because right now you do not know if all of that stuff is something you want to keep, need to keep, or if it is plain junk that you need to have removed. Your second step is to mentally divide the space into quadrants and tackle each quadrant methodically. You are on a mission. Finally, after you have sorted through all of your stuff and removed those things you want to keep, you survey the space and realize most of the stuff is junk.

What do I do now?

You contact Red Bins at 416-RED-BINS (416-733-2467) or contact us here.

Why should I call Red Bins?

You contact Red Bins because we’re is the premier garbage disposal and bin disposal company in the Toronto area. We remove your junk and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way.

How can Red Bins help me?

Red Bins has served the Greater Toronto Area for the past 14 years, and we pride ourselves on being the foremost garbage disposal and bin disposal company in Toronto. We provide two essential service options to our clients. Option 1: We offer full-service junk removal. We come to your home, load all of your junk into a Red Bins disposal unit, clean up the space, haul your trash away, and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way. Option 2: You decide you want to clean your area so we will rent you a bin disposal or garbage disposal unit. You do all the work; you load up your junk, and we will pick up the bin, and haul away and dispose of all of your junk.

How much does it cost?

The volume of the junk you want to be removed, the type of materials you need to be discarded, and whether you want us to load or you decide to load determines the cost. We provide free estimates, and you can pay with cash or a major credit card.

To learn more, call Red Bins call at 416-733-2467

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