What Is Full Service Junk Removal?

Posted by on October 10, 2016
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In short, a full service junk removal means you don’t have to lift a finger to make that pile of annoying and unsightly trash on your property – no matter what size it is or what type of materials it contains – disappear as if it never existed.

This service takes care of the whole process of junk removal – loading, disposing and clean-up. You just make the call. Then, in a day, or just a few hours, that eyesore of discarded materials is gone, leaving your property clear and pristine. And you didn’t even have to twitch your nose to make this happen, like Samantha in Bewitched!

So, go ahead, declutter…finally! Or, renovate your kitchen…finally! Take down the walls or put up new ones to create a new room, or enlarge existing living spaces. Bump out a window, build that deck, or wade into whatever dream home project you’ve been fantasizing about forever, because with a full service junk removal service, half the work will be done for you. You just have to create and construct, leaving the mucky job of collecting and hauling the debris away to the junk removal company.

Arranging a full service junk removal?

All you have to do is call the company and ask for a quote. An estimator will show up on the day convenient for you, gage the size and substance of your trash, decide on what capacity bins you should have, how many hours the job will take, and what the estimated cost will be. Then, it’s up to you to decide on the day and time. That’s it.

What kind of trash does this service handle?

Don’t be concerned about the size of the stuff you want to get rid of. With a variety of bin sizes – some as big as 40-yard capacity – a full service junk removal company is ready for anything. This means that whether it’s just household items, or large appliances, furniture, carpeting, oversized electronics or even such mammoth items as hot tubs, they will be loaded up and taken away. Everything, including the kitchen sink, will be taken away, as long as it’s non-hazardous materials. All the heavy lifting and loading is done by the company crew.

What happens after the junk removal truck picks up my trash?

Your full service junk removal company adheres to safe waste disposal guidelines issued by your local authorities and are in-the-know where to go to dump each type of junk, so you don’t have to worry about your trash being environmentally detrimental. And what’s more, before the bins depart to their disposal destination, the crew will sweep and clean up the area thoroughly, so there will be no evidence that your junk even existed. Now, that’s what anyone would call FULL service!

It may be useful to realize the benefits of a full service junk removal by comparing it to a DIY removal. In a DIY situation, you still need to rent the bin, and you need to estimate what size of bin you’ll need. You will have to do all the all heavy lifting and loading – and unless you’re an Incredible Hulk look alike, this may pose some risks to your back and possibly result in physiotherapy or chiropractor visits and costs down the line. Then, you need to rent a truck to haul the bin away, find out where each type of material can be disposed of, drive there, unload the bin (here goes your back again!) and still pay disposal fees. Plus, you’ll need to clean up the mess left at your home or place of business. In terms of cost for the two options, it’s pretty close to a six of that and half a dozen scenario, but in terms of convenience and hassle and stress, the full service junk removal option wins hands down!

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