A Guide To Restaurant Waste Management

Posted by on January 22, 2018
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Within your restaurant space, you likely produce a significant amount of waste each day, from wasted food to napkins and other products that must be removed from the building regularly for optimal health and safety in the building. Working with a trusted waste management specialist can ensure your restaurant thrives over the coming years, and in this latest post we’ll provide several tips for effective waste management.

Avoid Overstocking

One of the major mistakes companies make in the beginning is overstocking on product. It can be difficult to judge demand in the first few months, but over time, it’s important that you carefully review your use of specific food staples and determine how to limit your amount of wasted stock. You should also look at the waste of items such as napkins and cleaning products. Measure how much is used carefully, and make your ordering choices based on the data revealed.

Implement Storage Protocols

By ensuring that your staff are following the optimal health and safety protocols for food storage you can significantly reduce waste in your restaurant. One option might be to hold training sessions once a month, in order to highlight the best ways to store high risk products such as chicken and fish. Make sure that restaurant teams know which items have the highest risk of loss due to ineffective storage, and give management teams oversight on all storage areas.

Inspect Deliveries

You often don’t have time to check each delivery order as it arrives at your business. But you might find that your supplier is providing you far more than you require for the coming weeks.

Make sure that a trusted staff member is checking the product and its quantity when it arrives, and have them report back to you when numbers delivered don’t match your order.

Work with Junk Removal Teams

If you have non-food waste within your restaurant, it’s important you work with a junk removal company to determine the safest and most effective means of removing the waste from the venue. The removal team can then provide a number of options to help clear space within the restaurant.

Our trusted team is here to guide restaurant owners on the full range of waste reduction opportunities available to them. To learn more about the various techniques available to reduce waste, call us today.

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