How to Keep Water Out of Your Disposal Bin

How to Keep Water Out of Your Disposal Bin

Posted by on September 14, 2020
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Since the weather can get so out of control, especially in Ontario, sometimes water from snow or rain can make its way into your disposal bin. The disadvantage of water in your container is that it can make the bin heavier and cost you more money.

To save on disposal bin costs, you’ll want to do everything in your power to keep water out of your bin. To make matters worse, materials in the container like older wood, drywall, and paper will expand and get more cumbersome when they’re damp. Plus, if there are organics in your bin, it can create unpleasant odours.

Here are some of the most effective ways to keep water out of your disposal bin so that you can make the process as seamless as possible:

Choose a Different Day

Unless you’ve scheduled a bin far in advance, you can always switch to a different day if the weather is less than ideal. Being flexible will end up being more convenient and offer you more options. Be sure to check the weather forecast and plan your bin rental in Toronto around stormy or rainy days. If you incur a small penalty fee, you will still save more than if your bin is heavier due to weather conditions.

Rent a Lid

If possible, rent a disposal bin that has a lid. Even if it costs slightly more than just a regular rental bin, you will save money in the end. These lids are generally useful because they are made of a lightweight plastic that easily flips over the container—that way, water will run right off of it.

A DIY Cover

If renting a lid isn’t available to you or you want to save on costs, you can create your own lid. Plastic, heavy-duty garbage bags make an excellent lid substitute; simply spread them over the bin’s contents from over the rim of the container. To hold the bags in place, use bricks, stones, or other heavy household items. It may not prevent all the water from weighing down your bin, but it is a better alternative to leaving it completely uncovered. You can always put a tarp over the container as well.

Use Boards

Another method of covering your bin opening during the rain is by using boards. Plywood or other sturdy materials make an excellent choice for a temporary lid. They are also such resilient materials that they would likely hold up against snow or other fierce storms. However, if the weather is too extreme, a heavy tarp that is securely tied to the bins with ropes and with plywood on top is likely your best option.

Another advantage of putting a cover on your bin is that you can limit any unauthorized dumping. Even if it doesn’t completely keep strangers from disposing of items in your container, it will detract them from doing so. As a result, you will have only your trash in the bin, and not anyone else’s.

It’s always best to stay as prepared as possible if the weather becomes unpredictable during your bin-disposal process.

Do Not Dispose of Liquid Waste

If you’re tempted to throw out liquids to reduce water weight, do not perform this method. Many rental bin companies in Toronto do not allow liquids in their bins, such as oil or other chemicals. If you need to get rid of this kind of waste, you will have to look up ways in your area for how to dispose of these materials safely.

Locate the Drain

Some companies have drains at the bottom of their disposal bin as an added convenience for getting rid of water in containers. Generally, the bin will have an entry point where you can walk in, and then all you have to do is open the drain. As a result, the liquid that accumulates in the container will pour out.

Dry Waterlogged Items First

Since heavy amounts of water can gather onto your other items in the bin, you’ll want to take some precautions. To avoid extra weight from waste in your container, don’t put waterlogged things into the bin or dry them off first. For example, if you have undertaken a garden project and are looking to get rid of some yard waste, rake your leaves until they are completely dry and then place them in the bin. Your trash container will be much lighter than if you put wet leaves after a rainstorm into the bin.

Why choose Red Bins?

At Red Bins, we know how inconvenient the weather can be when trying to get rid of unwanted items. We can provide convenient solutions to keep rain and snow from weighing down your rental container contents. We can also take away your bin when needed so that you don’t have to worry.

We know that every waste disposal situation is unique, which is why we offer four different sized bins options to suit your needs.

Get in touch with us at 416-RED-BINS today, and we can help you arrange what bin will work best for your specific circumstances. We can also arrange a time for delivery and drop-off.

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