How to Remove Wallpaper

Posted by on August 7, 2017
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Removing that old wallpaper might seem like a thankless and challenging task. But by following expert techniques, the process can be made easier. If you have to remove large amounts of wallpaper from your home, you can turn to our experts for guidance. In this latest post, we’ll explore how to expertly remove wallpaper.

Before You Begin, Consider Garbage Bin Rentals
Before you begin the process of removing the wallpaper, try to look up garbage bin rental prices. The prices for the garbage bin rental will usually be worth it when you have a large amount of wallpaper to remove from your home. This will ensure that the garbage can be removed from each room before you move on to the next area of the home.

Can the Wallpaper be Stripped?
If you’re dealing with strippable wallpaper, you’re in luck as the material can be easily removed from walls. Try to pry away an edge of the material using a utility knife and pull down at an angle while keeping both hands close to the edge. If the paper comes off easily at this point, you’re likely working with strippable wallpaper, and it will come off in one large sheet.

Give Fabric Softener a Try
If you’re not one of the lucky ones with strippable wallpaper, you can try to remove the paper with fabric softener. Just add a capful of liquid fabric softener to one liter of water and then sponge the resulting solution onto the wallpaper. Allow the solution 20 minutes to soak in, and then begin scraping the paper from the wall. It should come off with a peeling motion.

Use a Steamer
You can also try to steam the wallpaper off the walls with a home steam cleaner. Simply place the system onto the part of the wallpaper you wish to remove and then allow the steam and the heat to work over the space. Wait about five minutes before then trying to peel the wallpaper. You should find that it can be peeled and scraped off a little easier. Be careful, though, because the steam may cause hot water to drip down the wall. It’s advisable to wear gloves and long sleeves during this process.

By following the tips highlighted in this post, you can make a great start to your renovation work by easily clearing that challenging wallpaper. To begin your project today, talk to our team now about our low garbage bin rental prices. We offer value pricing for all renovation projects!

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