Ideas For Your Trash Bin Enclosure

Posted by on December 26, 2017
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Many families are now considering upgrading their trash collection area to include an enclosure that protects the area against wild animals. A trash bin enclosure can secure the space and ensure that the smell from the trash is reduced in the home area. To help you add your trash bin enclosure, we’re offering a quick guide in this latest post.

Install a Horizontal Shed

One great option for protecting you trash bin is to install a horizontal shed outside the home. These are designed to help mitigate the damage of animals going through your garbage. Another great benefit of the horizontal shed is that it can help to keep garbage cans from blowing over before they are placed on the side of the road for pick up. This product is commonly available at hardware stores.

DIY Trash Storage Units

For those with handyman skills, the DIY storage units are a great option. One of the advantages of DIY systems is that they are affordable to build and install. This means you’ll save money. If you enjoy DIY projects, this also offers the opportunity to work with family members on creating the ideal space for the storage of trash in the home.

By following online plans, you can complete the project over a weekend with some assistance. It’s important to work with plans from respected construction companies, and to consider the type of material used to build the storage system. High quality woods should be used to ensure durability and to mitigate the damage from weather-related issues over time.

Rent a Junk Bin

While you might take the time to build your own trash bin enclosure, or buy a horizontal shed to install within your home, one other cost-saving option is a junk bin rental for when you have a large amount of trash to store. It might be rare for the home to produce this amount of trash, and therefore you might only need the bin for a small amount of time. The latest bins are designed with covers to protect the trash inside against wind, rain, and animals in the area. This could be a cost-effective alternative for many homeowners.

Our team is here to guide you on your full range of junk bin rental options. To learn more on this topic, call us today!

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