Should You Keep Or Junk Old VHS Movies?

Posted by on May 3, 2017
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If you’re downsizing or just finally undertaking a major, long-overdue decluttering of your house, you’ll probably come across your old VHS movies, stored in some forgotten nook or cranny of the house. Do you put them together with the rest of your other useless stuff you’ve prepared for the junk removal company to dispose of, or should you keep them?

People often have reservations about throwing out their old VHS movies. You may be reluctant to get rid of them because of sentimental reasons—like wanting to keep those Disney films you watched with your kids when they were…well, kids! You may also have heard that some VHS movies are collector’s items and can be sold for a tidy sum.

Keep or Trash Disney VHS Movies?

Let’s face it. Should the time come when you want to relive the wonderful moments of watching these family movies together with your brood, rest assured, Disney has the originals safely locked up, and sooner or later will release them in a digital format. It only makes sense for Disney to capitalize on baby boomers’ nostalgia and introduce a new generation to these classics. What’s more, you’ll be able to see these films in a format with a much sharper image and sound than the old analog VHS.

But, there are a few Disney classics that should be kept out of the junk removal pile. One of them, the Black Diamond edition of Beauty and the Beast, has proven to be quite valuable, selling on eBay for a lot of money recently. So, it’s best to go online and find out if the Disney tapes you have could fetch a good price, before you throw them out. Disney holiday special tapes, for instance, are also sought out by collectors and considered valuable.

Sundry Other VHS Movies—What to Keep and What to Throw Out

VHS format does not have the greatest reputation for quality. Movies in this format are very vulnerable to moisture, heat and magnetism, and difficult to keep intact. So, for the most part your old VHS movies should become a part of the junk removal pile.

But, as with Disney films, before you throw your whole VHS collection out, check online if you have some of the classics and cult films collectors would pay good money for. Films like the cult horror movies from the 1970s, Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks, The Evil Dead, or the perennial sci-fi favourite, the original Star Wars trilogy, continue to be in demand.

For the rest of your collection of dust-covered VHS tapes, if your old VHS player is long gone, let the junk removal team have them. They will dispose of them in an environmentally friendly way, or donate them to your local charity.

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