How Long Will I Need A Bin Rental During A Renovation?

Posted by on June 20, 2016
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Bin rentals can be used for more than just your daily trash. When demolishing walls, tearing out walls, and renovating your home, it is important that you get a bin to put all the waste in. In fact, you can have the bin in your driveway for as long as you want, but not longer than you need it. As useful as it is, you will obviously want it gone the instant you finish your project.

So, how long can you keep a bin rental?

Most dumpster rental companies allow their clients to keep the bin for between 5 to 7 days, which gives you adequate time to move your project waste. That said, the average duration of time that clients prefer to keep the bin in their driveway is three-and-a-half days. In other words, most people are able to fill the bin in three to four days so it is ready for collection.

If you want to keep the dumpster for longer, you should discuss the possibilities with the customer rep as you book your rental bin. What is important is that you be honest and upfront. Any reputable company should not find it too hard to give you a day or two over the usual 5 to 7 days if you have a rational need for the extra time.

Many bin rental companies charge on a 5- or 7-day basis, and then on a per-day basis for the additional days.

How to prepare for the bin arrival

The experience of renting a bin for the first time can be intimidating for homeowners, especially since you’re not used to disposing large amounts of trash. But this should not bother you since dumpster rental companies try to make the process as easy and painless as possible.

However, you should get your home ready for the arrival of the bin to avoid any problems.

  • First, clear the street or driveway for where you want the bin to sit. Placing it too far from your house can prove to be troublesome as you move your waste.
  • Second, find a secure spot to park your car if the bin will be sitting in your driveway for a few days.
  • Some bins can be very high. So, pick the right size, and if need be, create some steps to help you heave the waste up into the bin.

Bins provide the ideal solution for containing and hauling all the rubbish from ripping out walls, siding, windows, flooring, roofing, and other things during your renovation. You can keep the bin for as long as you need it provided you communicate your plans to the company in a timely manner, so someone else doesn’t book it while you’re still using it.

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