Married Life: Tips To Move And Merge Your Belongings

Posted by on September 25, 2017
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Your home belongings take a special pride of place within your home, so when your partner moves in with you, it can be difficult to know the best place to keep all of their items. Merging your belongings is an important element of the moving in process, so to guide you through this stage of your relationship, we’re providing our guide to merging your belongings into a single space.

Collect and Decide on Removal Together

Inevitably, there will be items that have to be removed from the family property as the two of you move in together. In the initial days after the move, try to list as many of your belongings as possible, and have your partner do the same. Work together through both lists to find the items you can have disposed of by a junk removal specialist. Larger items such as furniture should be a priority within this process.

Remove Items Not Used Regularly

The items you don’t use regularly should be separated out for the junk removal process. If you’re not using that old couch that has been sitting in the basement for months, this could be the ideal time to remove it. You’ll have plenty of time in the coming months to search for new items with your partner.

Book a Junk Bin Rental

As you go through the decision making process and determine which items to remove and which to keep within the home, make sure that you have access to a junk bin in which to keep all of those items. Call a local company and ask them about their junk bin rental process. Make sure that you can rent the bin for at least a few days, to give you and your partner the time to discuss which items to remove, and determine how best to remove larger items such as furniture from the home space.

Sort Items Carefully

Now that you have all the elements in place, you can go through your lists of items to keep and remove from the home, and make sure that all items are sorted carefully. Go through the list one more time before beginning the removal process, and make sure that you keep the list handy for future spring cleaning work around your home.

Begin your life together with a fresh, uncluttered space so you can create new and lasting memories. To learn more about the sorting and removal process, contact our trusted experts today!

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