Moving Offices? 3 Items To Get Rid Of Before The Move

Posted by on October 18, 2017
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Moving offices can be a challenging process, and requires the full cooperation of your entire business team. It’s important that your team plans the process effectively, so that the move is completed without impacting your organization moving forward. One leading consideration should be which items should be thrown away before the move. In this latest post, our dumpster rental experts highlight three items you should get rid of before you complete the office moving process.

  1. Old Furniture

    Old furniture might have sentimental value within the office. It might be a chair that you sat on when completing your first deal, or it could be a table that you bought when first planning your new business. But older furniture that has outworn its optimal performance should be one of the first items to be removed during the moving process. Bringing in new furniture will help highlight the update for the company and will ensure your team is more comfortable after the move has been completed.

  2. Old Electronics

    It might be an old printer that has been left in the storage space for several years, or a copier that requires an upgrade. Old electronics can prevent a business from achieving its optimal levels of productivity over time, and the move could be completed a lot quicker and with less need to consider storage options if you throw away those older electronic items now. Work with your team to assess your current equipment, and make decisions together on which items should be removed.

  3. Office Stationery

    Stationary equipment should be replaced every year or so to ensure that your team is working with the best products around the office. Pens, staplers, and file folders should be removed during before the moving stages to ready the team for their new space. You can then ensure that all new stationary is ready and waiting for your team at their new offices. Consider the recycling process at this stage and make sure, for example, that old paper products are removed by a recycling specialist.

  4. By removing those older items from the office space before you complete your upcoming move, you can make sure your new offices have additional storage space. The process will streamline the move and allow your team to focus more on their productivity. To discover more about the items to be removed before completing your upcoming office move, call our dumpster rental team today!

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